Christmas Traditions

Germany and Japan

Important Dates

An important date for Germany is Dec. 1st-Dec. 25th. Important dates in Japan are Dec.24 and Dec. 25th.

Night Before

The Germans do not have a night before since they have a whole season for there Christmas. The people in Japan lay out cookies and milk for Mr.Santa.

Gift Bearer

In Germany they have 3 gift bearers. der Nikolaus brings small present on Dec.6th. der Weihnachtsmann brings bigger gifts on Dec.24th. And Knecht Ruprecht bring birch to bad kids. In Japan's gift bearer is Mr.Santa. He is a lot like Santa Claus and also comes in Dec.25th.

Day Of

Germans don't have a specific day of but they right letters to the Chritkind, and there are Sternsingers, that sing and collect money for charity. On December 24th, in Japan, couples spend time with each other and exchange gifts. It is a lot like the American Valentines day. On December 25th they open presents, sing, have a parade, and sing.


Germans often eat geese for their main meal. People in Japan eat KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), and Christmas Cake (sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream).