The Blind Side

by: Luke Cortese

The Author's name is Michael Lewis

There is 333 pages. I read The Blind Side because it is a good story about how a person goes from having nothing to getting a better life. In a life or death situation I think you should read this book because it makes you think about all the things that you have and how much family means to you and it makes you appreciate them a little more. The three thins I most like about this book is how family come together. I like to read about how other familys come together. Michael's life changed for the better, and that made me feel happy for him. I liked the part about Michael going to college. I like reading about his accomplishments. I did not like reading about where Michael came from. It made me feel very sad. I also didn't like how the teacher tried to convince him not to go Tennessee. I think teacher's should be encouraging no matter what for decision is. At a point in my life I wus told I was told I cold not walk but I proved them wrong. I think that is what Michael has done. My favorite quote from this book is on page 88 "This is the first time I ever had my own bed." I wold recommend this book because it relates to anyone who has a problem ore is in a tuff situation in there live's right now and this book let's them know it away's git's better. I wold recommend this book to anyone who like's a good story. Explain how you connected with this ideas of the book, personality of the character, or the experiences of the character(s). Both of his liked him his dad liked him for sports and his mom liked him because he was neat. I feel like I relate to that because I am neat and I play sports.