Seattle Seahawks

by: Luke Brogdon

Team Information

The U.S. football team the Seattle seahawks home state is Washington ( 47.6097 degrees north 122.3331 degrees west). The Northwestern region is home to some of the largest trees in the world. Seattle is the largest city in Washington. It is the 18th largest state in the U.S. Seattle was one of the first claims by the U.S. of the Pacific Northwestern region. Seattle is dotted with active volcanos and it is surrounded by water. Mount Rainier is the largest mountain in the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle they speak English.

Mascot Information

The Seattle Seahawks mascot is a muscular seahawk/osprey named Blitz. One of their nicknames is the seagulls. This nickname refers to the sea area. Their real name is ospreys.

Team History

The Seakawks were founded in 1976 by Lloyd W. Nordstrom. They chose Seattle because their team name (seahawks). Seahawks live in trees near the ocean/water.

Team Economy

Right now the seahawks stadium is named Century Link Field. Quest had bought Century Link Field but that contract was up in 2004. Stadium names have changed because businesses have more money for a contract to make a stadium their name.