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Update for Families | August 30, 2020

Update for Families | August 30, 2020

A Message from the Superintendent

I want to send out a big thank you to all of our staff, parents, and students across the district for their efforts during the first week of school. No matter how long you have been a teacher or a parent, I bet we will all remember where we were when the 2020-21 school year began. I can already hear myself saying, “Remember that one year, you know during the pandemic, when everyone began the year online…”


This year more than ever it will be important to get frequent input from staff, parents, and students. We will utilize tools such as Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) to make adjustments. Our goal as we start the year is to make these adjustments week-to-week. Nobody expects perfection after the first week, however, we need to be responsive and make adjustments based on feedback. On a weekly basis during the first month of school, parents and students (Grades 3-12) will receive a brief survey to help us keep a pulse on the 5 areas listed below.

Parent & Student (Grades 3-12) Feedback Areas:

  • Teacher Communication
  • Canvas (Learning Management System)
  • Essential Learning (Lessons & Assignments)
  • Student’s Daily Schedule
  • Availability of Assistance

Sticking Together

It is easy to stick together before the school year begins. When the main focus is on preparation, everything is seemingly perfect. Then week 1 happens and, ready or not, the real world implementation and feedback loop begins.

Now that the journey has begun, it becomes a bit more challenging to stick together! Sticking together becomes even harder when you make it a priority to get feedback on a regular basis from key stakeholders (staff, parents, and students). Nevertheless, this is what drives PDSA cycles and ultimately leads to continuous improvement. For everyone, together.

Absolute perfection is never the ultimate goal. It can be a reality from time to time, however, the pursuit of continuous improvement is what really drives great performance on a consistent basis. The challenge this year, which will be magnified even more during a pandemic, will be ever-changing conditions both inside and outside of schools and classrooms. Just when you find that perfect solution, conditions will change. It is natural to try and hold on to the solutions that had previously been working but it is more important now than ever to be responsive to the current conditions.

Pushing forward with meaningful teaching and learning while also exhibiting empathy and patience will be important. I believe practice makes permanent but it doesn’t make perfect. I am asking our staff to tweak their approaches so that better practices become permanent while understanding that perfection is hard to come by these days. Sticking together through these tough times is a choice that we can all make. I ask that you join me in choosing to stick together as a community of parents, students, teachers, and staff.

Back to School Update Webinar

We hope you'll join Dr. Travis Bracht, superintendent, and our school principals for a Back to School Update webinar. We'll share updates on our first days of school, what we're hearing from our families, students, and staff, as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

WHEN: Thursday, September 3 at 6:30 p.m.


For those unable to join us, a recording of the webinar will be shared as soon as it's available.

UPDATED: Canvas & Chromebook Resources for Families

We've added additional resources to our website for support with Canvas, our district's new learning management system:

We're having trouble with my student's Chromebook or my student does not have a Chromebook yet: Please click here for troubleshooting and a link to submit a help ticket.

Virtual Instruction Handbook

As we work together to kick off a successful school year, the Virtual Instruction Handbook is designed to provide you with information and resources that will guide our partnership as we learn virtually, including:

  • Attendance
  • Grading
  • Social Emotional Supports
  • Schedules
  • Student and Parent Expectations
  • and more

Grab & Go Meals Available

We understand that some of our families rely on the availability of school meals for proper nourishment. In order to help with this, Affton School District will be providing Grab & Go meals for students free of cost.

Grab & Go is from 11:30 am-12:30 pm on Monday and Wednesday each week. Breakfast and lunch for 2 days will be provided on Mondays and 3 days will be provided on Wednesdays at all pickup locations. Student's name and PIN number will be required during pickup.


COVID-19 Helpline

We know you have a lot of questions and appreciate your patience and understanding as we make difficult decisions amidst these unusual and evolving circumstances. We will continue to communicate with you as more is learned and additional decisions are made.

Please reach out with your questions or concerns at or by calling the Affton Schools COVID-19 Helpline at 314-633-5911.