Sparks' Notes


What We Are Learning This Week

Great Expectation Life Principle: Honesty

Math: Measuring Degrees in Angles & Plane Figures

Science: Weather Maps & Water Cycle

Social Studies: Republic of Texas

Writing: Research Essays - Writing reports

Reading: Informational Text (Historical Non-Fiction & Biography)

Language: Sentence combining

Agenda Link

Don't forget your books for library on Tuesday.

Academic Fair

The Chavez Elementary Academic Fair showcases what we’ve learned and will take place on Tuesday, January 26th, at 6:00 p.m.

In class,, students will be researching and writing an essay about a Texas-related topic. They will prepare an a second portion at home that will be orally presented in class January 25th.

The students in our class will have a choice of the following projects:

  • Dress in character - Student will present a historical figure from Texas history.

  • Model - Student will create and present a model of their topic (for example, Battle of San Jacinto, Spindletop, a dogtrot cabin, etc.)

The costumes and models based on this research will be completed at home.

Due Dates: These due dates are all part of the final grade

  • 1/07 - A plan or sketch of the project; include a list of materials or supplies (submitted through Edmodo)

  • 1/19 - A summary or photographic evidence of the project in progress (submitted through Edmodo)

  • 1/25 - The completed project is due at school

Congratulations to Our Students of the Week, Emily & Amina!

As students learn about life principles for success as part of our Great Expectations program, they vote weekly for students to exemplify these traits.

Emily was voted as the student who best shows generosity, while Amina was recognized by her classmates as being dependable! Way to go!

Morning Tutorials Are Open - 7:10-7:40 am

We offer daily reading and math computerized tutorials that begin at 7:10 and go until 7:40. Students who have shown up on time and have come with fidelity (every day) have made significant gains.

In our class, students who attend will receive a healthy snack when they bring their attendance ticket to me.

Important!!! Be Sure to Join Us On:

Edmodo - Our Communication System & Protected Learning System

  1. Go to

  2. Have your student sign in. (Username and password are inside front agenda cover.)

  3. Scroll down the left side of the page until you see Parent Code. Write this code down.

  4. Logout (upper right corner, click on “Me” and select Logout).

  5. Go to and select “I’m a Parent” (under blue box that reads “I’m a Teacher”).

  6. Enter your student’s code and set up your account.

  7. Click here to see what features you see as a parent.

  8. Make sure to go Account (upper right corner, click on “Me”) and select "Settings". You can select to have email or text alerts for specific items.

On our Edmodo site, you can see:

  1. Daily agenda (planner/calendar)

  2. Homework links (Folder->Classroom Information)

  3. Student progress

  4. Assignments

  5. Subject area links

  6. Classroom pictures

Chromebook Care

  1. Determine a fixed spot to plug in your Chromebook EVERY night so that it is charged and ready to go the next day. We have found that this step is crucial to keeping your Chromebook working properly. Keep your charger in your laptop bag when not charging.
  2. Please be sure to keep case free and clean. Stickers and moisture can damage devices.
  3. Make sure you bring your Chromebook every day in the computer bag/sleeve. This is an essential school supply, not an extra.
  4. Monitor your child's computer usage in a common area.
  5. If students are not taking care of their computer responsibly, computers will stay at school. If you would prefer that it stays at school, please just let me know.
Homework - Expect a Baggie Nightly

Homework Expectations: 1. Read a minimum of 20 minutes nightly and complete reading log. 2. NEW CHANGE - Each night students will complete a worksheet, SHOWING ALL WORK. 3. Practice vocabulary words. Test on Friday.

Big image

This Week's Vocabulary Words

Each child will be tested on Friday. Students are expected to be able to use these words in sentences. These are words we use day-to-day, so a functional use is critical to learning and understanding.

  1. ray - a portion of a line which starts at a point and goes off in a particular direction forever
  2. obtuse angle - corner measuring more than ninety degrees
  3. acute angle - corner measuring less than ninety degrees
  4. right angle - the angle formed by two perpendicular lines
  5. straight angle - angle measuring 180° and forming a perfect line
  6. cycle - events that happen in a repeating order
  7. role - a part played or a position occupied
  8. accumulation - a collection or a gathering up
  9. off-topic - a detail that is unrelated to the central idea
  10. expository - related to explaining
  11. stated purpose - the author specifically explains why s/he is writing
  12. implied purpose - the reader must infer through text clues why the author is writing
  13. idiom - commonly understood usage of language
  14. Runaway Scrape - the 1836 evacuation by Texas residents fleeing the Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution
  15. legislative branch - parts of government that can make law
  16. judicial branch - court systems that interpret laws
  17. executive branch - federal departments controlled by the president
  18. delegates - people who represent others
  19. annexation - the act of joining territories or buildings
  20. honesty - quality of one who is truthful and fair

You can practice these words on Edmodo using the Vocabulary Spelling City app.

(Click on the 2x2 array of on the far right. When the apps window opens, select Vocabulary Spelling City, and go to Vocabulary Week 18 in the yellow section. There are lots of games to help you learn your words!)

Parent Portal Link for Checking Student Grades

To set up your account, enter your email address as your username. If you don't' remember your password, click the link. If at any time you are prompted for your student's ID number, just ask her/him to tell you her/his lunch number.

Parent Homework

Please do the following with your child:

  1. Check and sign agenda nightly.

  2. Check that reading homework and log are completed nightly.

  3. Check that math homework and log are completed nightly.

  4. Look through Tuesday folder and sign and return the next day (keep the work).

Dates to Remember

Friday, Jan. 15th

Chavez PTA Talent Show 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Monday, Jan. 18th

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - No School

Monday, Jan. 25th

Academic Fair Project Due (will be presented in class)

Tuesday, Jan. 26th

Academic Fair Project Presentation Night 6:00 pm

Friday, Feb 5th

Family Fit Night

Week of Feb. 8th-12th

Chavez Library Scholastic Book Fair

Tuesday, Feb. 9th

Chavez PTA Muffins for Mom 6:30-7:15

Monday, Feb. 15th

No School: Student Holiday/Staff Development Day

Saturday, Feb. 20th

Saturday School for Invited Students

Saturday, Feb. 27th

Saturday School for Invited Students

Week of March 7th-11th

No School: Spring Break