Post-Secondary Plan

Taylor Greenberg

What are your goals after high school ?

A: I want to graduate high school.

B: Go to TCC to get my basics done then move to Arizona with my mom, and apply to ASU, UCLA, and USC.

C: Get my masters degree.

D: have a good career.

How are you going to get there?

I need to get my grades up to even graduate high school, then my grandpa has a fund for college for me, so i’ll use that for TCC, since you can only use the money in texas, for texas colleges only. Then i will move to arizona with my mom and apply for financial aid, and apply to ASU, UCLA, USC.

Where will you get the money to achieve these goals?

My grandpa has a texas fund for me for texas colleges. Then after going to TCC, i will apply for financial aid.

What are you going to this summer to get closer to your goals?

  1. College? no

  2. Job? Yes i have applied to jobs

  3. Internship? No i dont have any internships right now, but i would like to have some.

  4. Summer school? No, but i need to for math

what do you need to do to achieve your goals?

Good grades, motivation and commitment.

what is your backup plan?

If don’t do anything that has to do with finance, my second option is medical, thats why UCLA is one of the colleges i want to go to. USC has a good financial department, and ASU is just because my mom likes Arizona, she was born there.