GT Chemistry

Frenship High School 2013-2014

Amanda Potter M.S.

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How is GT different?

We are together in GT because everyone in this room represents the smartest of the student population here at FHS. You are now in a class where you are NOT the only smart person, but rather everyone in this room is just as smart as you are.

What does it mean to be GT?

Let's take a quick personality quiz from Ian Byrd a nationally known GT expert.

Help Gifted Students Understand Their Personalities
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Chemistry Topics

  • Math of Chemistry & Matter
  • Atomic Structure
  • Electrons & The Periodic Table
  • Chemical Naming & Bonding
  • Chemical Reactions & Solubility
  • Stoichiometry
  • Gases
  • Acids & Bases
  • Thermochemistry


Grades will be given based on level of achievement and grouped according to the learning targets/ objectives. My goal is that your grades reflect your level of understanding for each learning target. We are required to take the same assessments as the other chemistry classes here at FHS. So, we will have a category in Skyward called assessments that will be weighted 20%, and a category called objectives will be weighted 80%.

At the start of each unit you will get a list of targets that we're going to learn. (see Unit 1 targets) Every so often we will have an assessment testing you on 1 or more targets. You will get a score for each target on the assessment, rather than one grade for the paper.

How does this work exactly?

On your first assessment you made a 1/5 on the first target and a 3/5 on the second target. You will record those grades on your target list (and that's how they will be recorded in Skyward). But, EEEEEEERG! You really messed up on the first target. Luckily you have options! Option 1: You can send me a formal email to set up a time to show me you've learned the target. (Please see the formal email section on how to do this.) Yes! I love it when students want to show me what they have learned. It makes my heart go pitter patter! Option 2: It is very likely I will assess you again on target 1. Once you've done better on the second assessment your grade for target 1 will change in Skyward.

On the flip side...Another possible scenario is that you made a 9/10 on the second target, then on the following assessment you made a 7/10. Average the two together? NO!!!! I want your grade to reflect what you know on the date of the most recent assessment. Your grade will be changed to the lower grade. BUT...remember you always have the option to show me how well you know your stuff!

My Vision of this Class

I will give instruction over the material of the unit. Instruction will be fast paced and we will not be doing a lot of practice. I will not be waiting on everyone to finish the way a traditional classroom is set up. You will be given a series of various types of assessments over the material which you can complete at your own pace. We will be doing project based learning together as a class, in groups, or individually. There will be times when you can choose topics you want to explore as long as it falls within the learning targets (objectives).

You get points for what you know. That is the ONLY way you get points!

You can reassess on any target to show me you understand it better. You just have to send me an email (see below). The point is: if you can show me you have mastered a target, I'll give you credit for mastering the content.

I want you to succeed. I am on your side.

The Meaning of Grades

In this new system, grades have a very specific meaning. For each unit of learning you will be allowed to reassess at any point. It is more beneficial for you to "fix" your grades to your satisfaction during the unit of study. Your mastery and ability to retain the material from the unit will be reflected in your grades. I don't want to be the teacher who gives all A's. But, I want to be the teacher who has students who earn all A's! Pay attention to the titles of the assignments in Skyward. They should match the student target on your Unit Targets sheet. Since this is a GT class not all students will be graded the same on projects. Do not expect to get the same grade as your partner! I will also be measuring your growth as a gifted learner, which will be different for all of you. NOTE: I will not allow reassessment during the last week of the grading period except on a case by case basis upon teacher approval.

The Process for Reassessment Outside of Class

1. Improve your understanding of the objective(s) you didn't do well on and want to improve. Do homework problems, work with another student, or meet with me, whatever makes you learn the target(s).

2. Email me with the details about the one or two objectives / targets you want to reassess. Your email should be professional and formal. For example:

Hello Mrs. Potter,

I would really like to reassess Target # _______.

The reasons I think I didn't do well on that target are:

(list reasons)

Since the assessment, I have done the following specific things to make sure I understand the target:

(list things you have done to work on the objective(s).)

Would it be possible for me to reassess Target # _____ during AP on (Tuesday-Friday)? Or after school (Monday - Friday)?

[If you want to reassess another target copy the above with second objective listed.]

Always your devoted chemistry student,

{Your Name}

If you have shown me you've done concrete things to correct your misunderstandings I will approve your reassessment time. Sometimes I will ask you bring your completed, corrected homework or assignments and your notes before letting you reassess.

3. That's it!! Ta Daaa! Your grade gets changed to reflect your understanding of the target(s).

Fine Points

1. You can't reassess more than 2 skills in one sitting.

2. You can't reassess the last week of a grading period. I will give you an exact date each grading period.

3. You can't reassess a specific target more than twice without a serious talk about your processes for understanding the objective beforehand.

4. Watch out for late start Monday's or days we don't have school. You clearly can't reassess on those days.


1 1/2 inch binder

TI 30xII or higher calculator