Travel in the Age of ExProration

Travel in the age of exploration

Reporter: I'm here in the Philippines with Magellan to talk about the newly conquered country.

Reporter: as we know, magdalen, you have conquered the Philippines recently, tell us. Little bit about that, how did you conquer them so easily?

Magellan: Well first of all, the Philippines were not united properly. They were clustered and aggregated with the progress of the Spaniards. It only took us fifty years to completely colonize and name all of the cities. This has become a station for which people can start to spread religion from and Amazon asset to draw from later. The Spaniards were smart to try and conquer the Philippines because it was out of the way of the British and the Dutch (the two countries fighting for trading rights in India. This was a major positive for Spain because it became the main link between Spain's overseas trading empire. This shaped the trade in Spain.