Frank Elementary Weekly Memo!!!!!

January 4-8

Great Things Happening at Frank Elementary During the Week of December 9-15!

Right to Read Week Fun...

Right to Read Week

The week of December 14-17 was Right to Read Week at Frank Elementary! There were lots of exciting activities planned to help students celebrate reading!:)


-Wear Red Day..."I've Been Read To!"


-Poster Contest Entry Due

-Bring in a book for the book swap (optional). Bring in a new or gently used book to trade with another student.


-Dress Like Your Favorite Superhero Day

-Book Swap Occurs


-Poetry Read Aloud Assembly at 9:30 AM

-Holiday Parties @ 2:30 PM

We enjoyed celebrating reading in a fun and enjoyable manner. Our goal was to help students recognize the importance of being life long readers and learners!:):):)

Thanks to the reading team for organizing the events for the week!:):):)

PD Days...

January 4 - Teacher-InService and Collaboration (8:00-3:30 PM).

January 5 - Day 3 (Typical Schedule)

January 6 - Day 4 (Typical Schedule)

January 7 - Day 5 (District PD at the JH to discuss the 5-6 transition from 8:15 AM to 9:45 AM...ISs should attend as well)

January 8 - Day 6 (Typical Schedule)

January 4...

On Monday, January 4th, we will follow the schedule below for reading benchmark meetings:

8:00-8:40 - 2nd

8:40-9:20 - 3rd

9:25-10:05 - 4th

10:05-10:45 - 5th

10:50-11:30 - 1st

11:30-12 - Kdg

BLTs, please meet with your grade level teams the morning of January 4th either before or after your team's benchmark meeting to review the current testing calendar to get feedback/recommendations from your team.

The rest of the time in the morning is for you to work in grade level groups to form math SCATTER groups.

You may take a lunch break anytime that works for your grade level.

The afternoon on January 4th will be at the High School as we will be discussing special education. We will start at 12:30 PM.

Important Information...

-The Frank Safety Sub-Committee will meet with Deputy Chief Rose on Tuesday, January 5, at 8:15 AM to discuss ALICE.

-Writing Christmas Cards Project: All this little girl would like for Christmas are cards from all over the world, and I was thinking that we as a school could send this girl a ton of cards. I am asking you to consider having your students (or you could do it as a class) write this little girl a card. It wouldn't have to be anything extensive, but I think this is a great opportunity to show love and support while also teaching our students the importance of caring for others even those you may not know at all.

If you could please have these to me before break that would be great, and then I will send these all together to this little girl with love from Frank. Thanks!

Updated link on the story:

-2nd quarter data binders will go home on Friday, January 8.

-There will be a Frank Marco's Pizza Night (through FPC) on Wednesday, January 6.

-There will be an IEP/ETR Day on Thursday, January 7. There will be a floating sub.

-The Mid-Year Awards Assembly will be on Friday, January 8, at 9:30 AM in the cafeteria.

-I will be out of the building most of the day on January 6 for ATM meetings. Head Teachers Waddell and Ghesquire will be in charge.

-There will be a band demo for 5th graders at 2:15 PM in the cafeteria on January 6.

-There will be a second informational meeting on the 5/6 building on January 7.

Meeting Information

5/6 Informational Meeting

Date: January 7

Time: 4:00 pm

Location: Commodore Cafeteria

-The Christmas parties are on December 17 at 2:30. Please ask that the parent volunteers arrive to the building no earlier than 2:15. Please send home name tags for each party volunteer. Please ask the volunteers to wear the name tags to school the day of the party. This way we will not need everyone to sign-in. If the parent has a name tag on, then we know the parent signed up for the party.

-Please send me a day/time to read to your class at the beginning of the 2nd semester.

-If you have full OTES this year, please sign-up for a day/time for your second round observation before leaving for Christmas break!

-As students complete their pies on the ALEKS program, please let me know. I will be sure to buy a pie for the students!

-We are currently using a lot of paper. Please be cognizant about the amount of paper that is being used. Earlier, I shared that our building budget is lower than where we would like it to be at this point in the year. We are ordering more paper, however, we will not be able to keep replenishing paper at the rate at which we are using it. Thanks for your help and understanding!

-Since it is now the end of the 2nd quarter, please don't forget to use your gold coin and sign up to observe another classroom! This is a great way to share ideas! Please remember: The goal is to go visit 1 other classroom each semester!!!!!!

-Please continue to send good news phone calls down to me. These are a great way to positively connect with the families and the parents love receiving these calls!

-Please continue to fill out and turn in Bucket Fillers. It is very special to have names turned in each day. This is a great way to recognize our outstanding students.

-Please also continue to fill up the Bucket Filling Board in the staff lounge!:)

-Please take a look at the Do Not Photograph list and please make sure to follow that throughout the year.

-Our next Frank Talk will go home on Thursday, December 17.

-There will be strings on Wednesday, December 16 (No instruments), and there will be no strings on Thursday, December 17. Strings happens on days 1 and 2.

-Wednesday, December 16, will be our next full-day IEP/ETR Meeting day. We will have a floating sub available to cover classes that day for teachers attending IEP meetings.

-Please complete 2nd F&P benchmarks on our "watch" and "at-risk" students by December 16.

-December 17 is the end of the 2nd quarter and the end of the 1st semester.

-December 18 is the teacher workday. We will not have any meetings that day. That day will be for you to work in your rooms. If you attended a grade level night, you will only work half day (8:15 AM-12).

At 11 AM, there will be a staff holiday luncheon. We will again have food from Granite City. Everyone is invited!

-December 16 - Complete 2nd F&P benchmarks on our "watch" and "at-risk" students

-December 21 -- There is a board meeting.

-December 21 -- Max and Erma's Fundraiser