Mrs. Bitz & Miss. Meisner's News

April 1, 2016


In reading this week we continued with our book clubs and literacy centers. We are really moving along with this school year and I am astounded each and every time these kiddos read to me. Their growth this year so far is amazing. Its fun to look back at where they started and to think about the things they are accomplishing now, your kiddos keep impressing me as readers! We are going to continue this unit of book clubs for the next couple of weeks.


This week we finished up fractions and started measurement. We discussed metric length which included centimeters and meters. The benchmark for a centimeter is the width of your pinky. The benchmark which can be used a reference for a meter is the distance from the door knob to the floor.

Next week we will continue working on measurement. We will talk about the customary system which includes yards, inches, and feet. We will compare measurements and then begin to discuss area.

Homework Due 4.8.16

Spelling Week 1

DMH 25

Science hw pg 33-35

Field Trip Fun!

Whirly-Birds we made is Science to see Motion!

Language Arts

In Language Arts we learned about writing one regular lined paper this week! This is a BIG DEAL! This is something that definitely needs to be taught, think about it, someone had to teach you that the holes go on the left side and that we only write between the margins. We are also really focusing on indenting each new paragraph (part of our stories). The students have been doing a GREAT job at keeping their papers the right way, not writing in Margin Man's space (ask them about him), and indenting each new part using our indent shuffle song (ask them about this too!) :)


In Science we talked about motion and forces. Students were able to conduct investigations with different objects and decide whether or not the object would slide, roll, or spin. On Friday students made their own whirly bird which they flew outside. They were able to take these home today. In Science next week we will talk about magnetism.

The Health museum was a lot of fun. I am so sorry that volunteers were not able to come, but I understand why after going there this week. The exhibits are very small, and it can get very crowded. I hope you all have a nice weekend.

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