The Wonderful Life of a Jets Fan!

Being frustrated is something I am used to.

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Why I am a Jets Fan you may ask?

There are many who ask: Why the Jets? I am from a family that understood "football" as being soccer. So as a 10 year old, I discovered the Kenny Obrien, Wesley Walker, Al Toon, Joe Klecko Jets teams. I was blown away by what they called the New York Sack Exchange. The offense through bombs all across the field and I was hooked. I taught myself the rules of American "football" and became a huge fan of the sport. Because the Jets were my first exposure and love, they were my team.

Now you know why I loved that team. Now you need to know why it is painful to be a fan.

The crushing losses and moments of the New York Jets. These are only a few but they show the pain well enough.

1986. Mark Gastineau personal foul in fourth quarter of 1986 playoff game against Cleveland Browns. Jets were leading 20 - 10 with about 4 minutes to play when Gastineau brainlocked. Prior to this play the Jets had made the playoffs with a 10-6 record despite a season ending 5 game losing streak that featured season ending injuries to Klecko and Mehl, and a mysterious decline in Ken O'Brien's performance (which he never recovered from).

1982 AFC Championship game. Don Shula cheats and wets down Orange Bowl field with water cannons and a Voodoo summoned monsoon. Jets best player Freeman McNeil is negated by quagmire conditions. Richard Todd self-destructs in second half (5 picks in the game) and Jets lose AFC Championship game 14-0.

1981 Playoff Game at Shea. Bruce Harper fumbles opening kickoff of Jet first playoff game in 12 years. Bills pick it up and run in for a touchdown. Discombobulated Jets fall behind 24-0. Jets still nearly come back and snatch a victory but don't

1994 Spike Game. Jets have a commanding lead up 24 -14 early in the fourth quarter against hated division rival Miami Dolphins and Jet Killer Dan Marino. A win will put resurging Jets at 7- 5 record, and in a first place tie with Miami. Jets collapse in fourth quarter with blame equally apportioned to defense, Boomer Eisason and Coach Carroll. Collapse highlighted by Dan Marino's go ahead touchdown throw. The play started with a fake spike attempt that caught the Jets napping. Loss started a season ending 5 game losing streak, and birthed the catchall phrase of "same old jets".

1998 Championship game. 47 yard completion Elway to McCaffrey 3rd quarter. Why this play Dr. Jet? Jets had just gone up 10 - 0 on blocked punt and recovery for a touchdown. Jet Defense was completely stifling the Broncos ever since the Broncos opening drive, which ended with a Brian Cox fumble recovery. Up 10 - 0 if Jets could hold, and get any kind of score they probably take Terrell Davis out of the game, and force Broncos into a must throw offense. Kickoff return takes the ball past the Bronco 30 yard line. Elway does a play action fake. Victor Green bites badly, McCaffrey is wide open down the field. Elway completes a long but easy throw for a 47 yard completion. Broncos score a touchdown on drive, and reinvigorated Terrell Davis takes over the game. Thanks Victor. McCaffrey was clearly Green's responsibility in the Jet two deep zone defense. Lost in the shuffle was a great game by Vinny Testaverde who was let down by his teammates fumbles, drops and slips (14 yards rushing by Curtis Martin). I would categorize this as Vinny's finest performance as a Jet (356 Yards), but it was lost in nauseating Jet defeat. This one feels like it happened 10 minutes ago, and is why I rank it as the worst moment in Jet History.

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I am still a fan.

Unlike most things these days, I am a loyal but frustrated fan. Despite the team not winning a Super Bowl or reaching one since 1969, I just know that it will be sweet if it over happens. Until then, I will be dealing with being a fan of the "Same 'Ole Jets".