Environmental Sustainability

Jordan Barbo APES 7th

What is environmental sustainability?

Environmental Sustainability is when humans, nature, and businesses combine together to make the world a healthy system. These three factors work hand in hand to make sure that the planet is in a healthy balance. Sustainability when it comes to humans and businesses means recycling products such as papers, plastics, and metals. Being aware of our pollution, our changing climate, and how we need to being paying more attention to what we do to our planet. Using the Earth’s nature resources in a sustainable way and not farming with inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Then finally we need to keep the biodiversity in our forests and rain forests by not cutting them down for farm land, lumber industry, and medical field. Sustainability is using the best ways possible to keep the planet’s nature cycles and ecosystems in harmony by using products and techniques that cause the least amount of damage.

Waste Management/Recycling

I chose to take pictures of a recycling bin because this is a large part of sustainability because the more paper products we recycle the fewer trees we have to cut down which helps with biodiversity, the cleanliness of our air, soil erosion, and much more. Also by recycling plastics we won’t have potentially harmful plastics sitting in our landfills for hundreds to thousands of years and we can reuse these plastics over and over again extending their life time. By recycling metals we can use these metals over and over again instead of mining and causing destruction to our planet by mining techniques.

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Energy and Climate Change

I took a picture of a house with solar panels on it. I used this picture because solar energy is an alternative energy source and is very sustainable. Solar energy unlike fossil fuel energy emits no carbon dioxide, toxins, or chemicals into the air or waterways and is a clean energy source.

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For pollution I took a picture of traffic to show air pollution and noise pollution because traffic can be very noisy at times especially during rush hour and also the many cars of the roads create lots of air pollution from carbon dioxide coming from their exhaust. For water pollution I took a picture of a Coppell lake because as a city lake it is subject to much pollution from littering. The picture I used for soil pollution is a bag of an inorganic fertilizer which can cause soil pollution if large amounts are used. For light pollution I used a picture of the Dallas Skyline because the lights on the buildings cause us not to be able to the stars at night.

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For biodiversity I used the Trinity River because a forest has many organisms ranging from squirrels, foxes, coyotes, birds, snakes, insects, trees, shrubs, plants and if there is a river, stream, or lake you could have frogs, fishes, and other water organisms.

Resource Use

For resource use I took a picture of Walmart because they carry food, clothing, office supplies, outdoor goods, sporting equipment, tires, gardening, and much more. This place has it all and many resources are housed in this store. Some products are sustainable and others are not and it’s up to us as consumers to buy the right choice and support sustainable products over non-sustainable products.

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