By: Amalia S. Figueroa-Nieves


Israel's main religion is Judaism. Their God's name is YHVH or Yahweh.They also call God Adonai.

Celebrations,Holidays and Customs

They have many holidays. Some are:

Passover: Commemorates the Exodus from Egypt.

Rosh Hashana: Jewish New Year.

National Symbols

The national animal of Israel is the Israeli Gazelle. Israel has at least 8 national symbols.They are:

Flag of Israel

Emblem of Israel

Hatikvah anthem

Blue and white colors

Hoopoe bird

Anemone coronaria flower

Olive tree

Canaan Dog

Art, Music, and Dances

The instruments they use for their music are:




Israeli makes art by blending many varying influences from all over the Jewish world.The name of one of their dances is Temani.


Israeli eats food such as Falafel, Hummus, Pita bread, Sabih, Shnitzel, Baba Ganoush, and Tahini. Some sweets are called:



Ice cream





Oskar Schindler saved the lives of 1,200 Jews. He did that in what is now Poland and Czech Republic. Israel named him "Righteous Among the Nations."


The languages are Hebrew and Arabic. They have many accents influenced by other countries.

Interesting Facts!

You write Hebrew and Arabic right to left. Israel is slightly larger than New Jersey. The population was 7,473,052 by July 2010.The literacy 97.1 0/0.The currency is New Israeli Shekel. The temperature is hot and dry in southern and eastern desert areas.Agriculture products are citrus, vegetables, cotton, beef, poultry, and dairy. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. Some of the states of Israel are Acre, Nazareth, and Masada. The official name is the state of Israel. The official flag is blue and white. The size is 8,019 square miles C 20,770 kilometers.
Israel - Small but Outstanding