Booth Hill Elementary School

Bobcat Weekly Update October 22, 2021

Hunter Moon, ROARS, Halloween and Attendance

Dear Booth Hill Staff, Students and Families,

If you look to the night sky you will see the Hunter Moon (first moon of fall) in its fullest moment this week. I knew it was a full moon before looking to the sky, as student behavior has been a bit challenging. This is a perfect time to explain our school behavioral system which is a part of a positive school environment. We use PBIS (Positive Behavior Incentive System) to acknowledge and reward ROARS behavior(Give/gain Respect, Take Ownership for Actions, Positive Attitude, Take Responsibility, and Act in a Safe Manner) in the school community. We expect our students to follow ROARS expectations throughout the day to help provide a calm, safe environment where we can all learn. Behavioral expectations are taught and children make a ROARS promise each day to meet these expectations. If children fail to meet the expectations, children are asked to think about their behavior and to think of how they plan to fix the problem. We use a "Think Sheet" as a tool to help children change their misbehavior and to communicate with families. Often, a teacher will call home about the "Think Sheet", too. I appreciate the support of families in helping our students consistently think about their role in the school community, as a way to maximize learning and provide a positive safe learning environment. It truly takes a village to raise a child!

Halloween is coming next week and you can feel the excitement through the high energy of our students. If your child's class is dressing up on Friday, October 29th, I remind you that the costumes must be appropriate. We can not have scary costumes in school, as we have young children who can easily be frightened by such costumes. Children should not have masks and should not bring accessories or weapon facsimiles. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you are looking for guidance, while remembering we want a safe, positive school environment next Friday.

The State of Connecticut and Trumbull Public Schools (TPS) want the 2021-2022 school year to be in-person and as normal as possible for children. Students attending school on a consistent basis is an important factor in the success of children in learning. TPS has an attendance policy that follows state law and DCF expectations for school attendance. See the policy:

Based on the definitions from state law, a “truant” is a child age five to eighteen, inclusive, who has four (4) unexcused absences in one month, or ten (10) unexcused absences in one year. Based on the definitions from state law, a “chronically absent” student is a child who has accumulated a total number of absences at any time during a school year that is equal to or greater than ten percent (18 days out of 180 days) of the total number of days that such student has been enrolled at the school during the school year. Periodically the school will send attendance letters informing parents that their child is missing to much school. Once a child gets close to "chronically absent", we need to refer families to a social agency to develop an attendance plan. Vacations outside of the school breaks are considered an absence. The bottom line is children need to be in school to learn and excel.


Patricia Frillici, Interim Principal

Remember to visit both the TPS (Trumbull Public Schools) and Booth Hill School Websites for more information.

Some Dates to Remember:

September 21 - October 30 - PTA Sponsored Walkathon...Biggest Fund Raiser of the Year!!!

October 26 - Early Dismissal at 1:00PM - Afternoon Conferences

October 28 - Early Dismissal at 1:00PM - Afternoon Conferences

November 2 - Election Day - No School

November 4 - Early Dismissal at 1:00PM - Evening Conferences

November 7 - Eastern Standard Time clock change .... Fall back 1 extra hour of ???

I encourage every family to join PTA and the Father's Club as your membership fee goes a long way for all children. The cost is low and the rewards for your children are high.

Go to the Booth Hill School website for membership information.