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March 2021 District Newsletter

Welcome to our March 2021 District Newsletter

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Hybrid Learning Update

After a full year of remote learning, we were so pleased to welcome our staff back into the schools on March 15. Words cannot express how excited we are to be approaching the return of some of our students into the Hybrid Learning program next week!

Students who selected the Hybrid Learning Plan will begin to return to a partial in-person learning program in two waves. The first wave will return the week of Monday, March 29 and the second will return the week of Monday, April 5. Note that only families who have formally selected the Hybrid Learning Plan and have received confirmation of their selection will be permitted to return to in-person learning at this time.

We have received questions from parents stating they have changed their mind or had missed the hybrid selection deadline and now want their children to participate in the Hybrid Learning Plan. Our District will continue to assess the transition to in-person learning after April 12 to determine if additional students will be able to move into the Hybrid Learning option. We will keep families updated on this process.

There are a couple things we’d like to remind Hybrid Learning Families of prior to next week.

  1. Daily Student Health Screening Survey: Parents with students participating in the Hybrid Learning Plan are required to submit an electronic Student Health Screening Survey each morning the child is to attend school in-person. This survey is completed on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Parents are able to practice the survey through Friday this week. Please be sure that you are comfortable with submitting this survey each morning as your child will not be allowed to enter school without a completed form.

    The screening survey should be completed for your household. For example, only one survey is required, even if you have multiple children. Additionally, if parents continually fail to submit the survey, their child may be moved back into the full remote learning plan.

    Instructions for completing the Student Health Screening Survey are available here. If anyone in the household is exhibiting COVID-like symptoms, as listed on the survey, your child may not attend school in-person. Please contact your child’s school office to report any illness.

    Please direct any questions related to the survey to your child’s school office.

  2. Masks: All individuals are required to wear a mask that securely covers their mouth and nose, while on campus. Gator-style masks are not permitted. Students will be provided with a district-issued mask but may also decide to wear their own. Mask patterns and materials must be appropriate for the school setting. Any individual may be asked to change their mask to a district-issued or disposable mask, if deemed appropriate by school or district administration.

    Individuals may remove their mask for a short period of time to drink water or blow one’s nose, as long as social distancing requirements are maintained.

    Failure to comply with the established mask requirements and expectations may result in a Hybrid student being transferred to the Full Remote Learning model.

We greatly appreciate your adherence to the health and safety measures that have been implemented, which will help us in continuing our Hybrid Learning environment.

Please see the RLAS-116 Hybrid Learning Plan Handbook for additional information.

Meal Distribution Plan

The District will move into a revised Meal Service Plan the week of March 29.

Meal service will be provided to all RLAS-116 students and members of the community, age 18 and younger, during the District’s Hybrid Learning Plan as outlined below.

Seven (7) days of meals, including breakfast and lunch will be provided to families on Wednesdays only, 8:00am-1:00pm at all school sites (except Pleviak) and/or the District’s established mobile meal sites. Students attending Pleviak may pick up their meals at any school or mobile site. Students attending the Early Education Center may pick up their weekly snacks at Village Elementary School. Meals will be provided to families in a bag with handles.

The above meal plan replaces in-school food distribution. No food will be served during the school day to students attending Hybrid in-person learning.

Breakfast will include an entree, fruit, milk and juice. Lunch will include an entree, vegetable, fruit, and milk.

Base Student Registration Fees to be Waived for 2021-2022 School Year

On Monday, March 15, our Board of Education approved the 2021-2022 Student Fees Schedule. Upon review of the current economic situation and the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on RLAS-116 families, the Board approved the waiver of base student registration fees for all students for the 2021-22 school year. This will be a one-time relief opportunity to the community due to the additional Federal funds that are being provided to RLAS-116. A comprehensive list of approved 2021-22 Student Fees are available on the District website.

Round Lake High School Vaccination POD

In February, RLAS-116 partnered with the Lake County Health Department to operate as one of two Vaccination POD sites in Lake County that would serve as a location for Lake County educators to receive their COVID-19 Vaccine. We are extremely proud of the work that was done to accomplish this important project. To date, the Round Lake High School Vaccination POD has administered over 10,000 doses of the vaccine! Read more about this tremendous effort and partnership here.

2021-2022 School Calendar

The 2021-2022 School Calendar is available for your viewing on the District website. The first day of school next year is scheduled for Monday, August 16, 2021.