Hot Pink News

May 2016

The Race is ON

The race to become a Premier Club unit by June 30th is ON! We are getting closer and closer to the finish line. I'm so excited about the appointments so many of you have are seeing faces, sharing this opportunity and helping women everywhere look and feel beautiful! Way to go! We are looking for about $14,000 wholesale by June 30th, in addition to what we typically generate. That's a lot, but it can be done. In fact, the Believers have done it before! Please join me in the race! Every appointment you hold, every product you sell and order, every new team member you add will contribute. (Cue "Eye of the Tiger") It's go time!

SPF is Back in May

Keep counting those points...they all add up! Print the tracking sheet from our unit FB page (under Files) and post it where you can see it daily!

Congrats to our April SPF point winners:

Lindsey Sudac 15+ points

Chrysti Nichols 30+ points

The "Extra Mile"Challenge

Add up those SPF points in April, May and June because I'm running a special promotion in honor of our Premier Club goal.

The "Extra Mile" challenge includes lunch on the Plaza, dessert at Glace, intimate training with a top MK Sales Director and a trip to the Blowout bar! What's a Blowout Bar you ask? It's where a stylist washes, blows dry and styles your hair! I know... how COOL! Plan a night out that evening, because you are going to be lookin' HOT!

Here's how it works:
Add up your SPF points in the months of April, May and June.

30+ total points: Join the fun! You've earned this exclusive event. The cost of the activities is on you, but who're going!

45+ total points: Join the fun and dessert is on Leslie.

60+ total points: Join the fun and dessert plus lunch is on Leslie.

75+ total points: Join the fun and Leslie pays for your entire experience!

I can not wait for this day. It's Saturday, July 9th. Mark your calendar NOW and commit to achieving this challenge. You can do it!

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$50 FREE from Leslie

Your May and June hostesses will receive an additional $50 in hostess credit from Leslie on top of what you typically offer! Yes, it's true! Stipulations: 1) Appointments must be held in May or June, no exceptions. 2) Your hostess must have two or more guests who are 20+ and not working with another MK consultant. Use this to your advantage and contact your customers today! Maybe text them by saying, "Hi Kelly. Just in... for a limited time, "mini-hostesses" receive an ADDITIONAL $50 in credit for sharing facials with two or more. Only 2! Would love to get you on my calendar as I have a big goal this summer and I know you'd love that SkinVigorate brush you mentioned. Let's look at dates!" I have been using the term "mini-hostess" and it really works. I would not come out of the gate saying the promotion lasts through June...begin with dates that work for you in the next 5-10 days.

Now is the time! School's almost out, graduations are almost over and people can see an end in sight to the crazy busy schedules they've had all Spring. Need more help with scripting? Contact me!

Supper Club

I was blown away by Supper Club on Monday with Sr Sales Director, Lorna Walker. I hope her story touched your heart and gave you confidence that steady, consistent work in this business will pay you handsomely...not just financially, but in life! Have you ordered your copy of The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson? Earn 3 bonus SPF points in May when you post a picture of your copy on our unit FB page!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 5th at 6pm as we welcome National Sales Director Jill Davis as our featured speaker. Ladies, spending time with a National up close and personal is a BIG OLE' DEAL! You don't want to miss it! Every single one of you is invited and encouraged to attend!

Summer of REDS Challenge

Congratulations to Kelly Carr and Chrysti Nichols for completing the April "Summer of Reds" challenge. They will each be receiving a gorgeous bracelet in the mail from Mary Kay, acknowledging their achievement.

And speaking of RED..... Give it up for our newest RED JACKET, Chrysti Nichols. This girl is movin' on up! Next step: a FREE car!

Preferred Customer Program

Congrats to the following Consultants who enrolled customers to receive the Summer look book through the Preferred Customer Program.

Mailing begins May 13th.

Ellen Crain

Lynn Fountain

Donna Hoffman

Leslie Leaver

Ashley Linville

Dee Miller

Mandy Montgomery

Andrea Most

Chrysti Nichols

LaTisha Spiller

Lindsey Sudac

Birthdays and Mary Kay Anniversaries

Happy Birthday in May:

11th, Grettel Loney

14th, Heather Buss

17th, Beth Wiley

24th, Laura Amundson

24th, Ashley Linville

25th, Nancy Stubblefield

29th, Barbara Mann

31st, Lindsey Sudac

Happy MK Anniversary in May:

Robyn Barnett, 15 years

Thank You

Thank you for your April order!

Each one of you is helping us cross the June 30th finish line!

Laura Amundson

Robyn Barnett

Erin Birge

Marsha Blagg

Cindy Blevins

Kelly Carr

Rebecca Dickinson

Julia Forbis

Lynn Fountain

Amy Haller

Donna Hoffman

Leslie Leaver

Ashley Linville

Christel Massey

Dee Miller

Mandy Montgomery

Chrysti Nichols

Katelin Schebler

LaTisha Spiller

Nancy Stubblefield

Lindsey Sudac

Beth Wiley

Jennifer Woods

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Dates to Remember

May 12: Glow and Tell facials at Leslie's, 6pm

May 16: Girls Night Out, dinner and casual training at Nordstrom's Cafe, 6pm

May 28: Color makeovers at Leslie's, 10am

June 5, SUNDAY: Supper Club with NSD Jill Davis, 6pm

June 6: No First Monday due to Supper Club the night before.

June 20: No GNO due to C4 event the following night.

June 21: C4 event with NSD Jan Thetford, 7-9pm, Briarcliff Marriott

July 9: The "Extra Mile" day....blowout bar, lunch, dessert, training!

July 27-29: Seminar in Dallas

October 21-22: Ross Area Fall Retreat at KCI airport hotel

January 11-14: Leadership Conference in New Orleans for Directors