Drink Driving

By Kadi Burns

Drink Driving

Drink driving affects your concentration, coordination, reflexes and your ability to make good decisions and judgements. These things are vital for a driver to drive safely and because alcohol diminishes these abilities drink driving is illegal.

Drink driving is a major issue in Australia and is estimated to be one of the most significant causes of road fatalities and accidents.

Australia has very strict laws about drink driving, with the legal limit set at 0.5 for blood level concentration and 0.0 for L and P drivers. Everybody metabolizes alcohol at different rates but it is estimated that too reach a BAC of 0.5 a women must drink one standard drink in the first hour and then one every consecutive hour and a male must drink two drinks in the first hour than one every consecutive hour.
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How is it Affecting Young Drivers?


Young drivers may be affected by other drink drivers on the road driving recklessly and between the inablilty to think straight of the drink driver and the in experience of a young driver an accident may be more than twice as likely to happen.