Universe Cruise

By: Ryan Wochenske

Take the trip of your life to outer space.

See the edges of space on our wonderful 10 year cruise. See all different types of stars and galaxies. Learn about all celestial objects in space from our scientists.

Things you will see


The cost of this trip is just 30 million dollars. And if you die you in space, the money is returned to your family. This cruise is for people 12-60. Takeoff will be in Hawaii on the Fourth of July, 2020. We return on March 30 of 2030.

Types of Stars

The different types of stars you will see are Main sequence stars, black dwarf, neutron star, black hole, globular cluster, open cluster, different types of galaxies, different types of nebula, and quasar.
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Main Sequence Stars

These stars are on a line on the H-R diagram. These stars are in the second and longest part of there life.
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Black Dwarf

A black dwarf is a white dwarf that has cooled sufficiently that it no longer emits significant heat or light.
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Neutron Star

A neutron star is a type of compact star that can result from the gravitational collapse of a massive star after a supernova
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Black Hole

A black hole is a region of space-time exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—including particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it.
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Globular Cluster

A globular cluster is a spherical collection of stars that orbit a galactic core as a satellite. Globular clusters are very tightly bound by gravity, which gives them their spherical shapes and relatively high stellar densities toward their centers.

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Open Cluster

A relatively loose grouping of stars.
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A nebula is an interstellar cloud of gas and dust.

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Quasars are powered by supermassive black holes in distant galaxies.