Booker T. Washington

My life wasnt easy but If I could do it so can you.

The Slavery

I worked picking cotton for almost my whole childhood I got no new clothes only rags and worn torn clothing. I was fed Just enough to live and barely did anything that I was good at my mom worked the slave kitchen from early to late and we often ate at after 12. we would keep potatoes in a floor panel to eat and hide it from the whites.

The push forward.

I tried my hardest to Prevail and succeed I started to get smarter. I teach and tutor the ones that escaped and now cant provide. I helped anyone and don't hold my anger against my past owners I now control myself.

T. booking the future

Do as much as you can

My accomplishments

Booker T. W. accomplishments were breaking free becoming educated and teaching others like him and helping to free the other slaves. He would help the freed and not yet free with economical disadvantages by teaching them and making sure that they were ready for the modern world. Then his students would carry out the same way that he lived.

Booker T. Washington - Mini Biography