The Land Of Pure Romance!!

Paris! Now isn't that fun to say? Doesn't it just sound exciting? Come and join us and learn our culture!

The great wonders

Hello! I see you have taken interest into travelling with us soon! Would you like to see all the amazing things we have to offer?! Then come on over!

Why you should come to Paris

Here are some reasons: Paris is the French Capital City

* Has a reputation as Mecca of art

* We are named the City of Light, City of Love, and Capital of Fashion

* Obviously you must know about the Eiffel tower but have you seen it up close?

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Brief History

Julius Caesar conquered Paris in 52 B.C. It became a fishing village, called Lutetia Parisiorum, on the Île de la Cité. Under the Romans the town spread to the left bank and acquired considerable importance under the later emperors.

Government Structure

Paris is divided into 20 districts, each have a local council and mayor (who holds most of the power). Paris and it's suburbs make up 8 departments of lle-de-France administrative region. The lle-de-France is governed by an elected Chair-man or president.

Major issues/problems

Psychological issues of Paris consist of: Studies of Paris show that most of the people that live there are actually very depressed!

More Physical aspects of issues: There are a lot of Riots due to Racism and the people thinking that not everyone is getting treated equally.


Paris covers an area of 105 km2. The population is currently 2,147,274 people. Persians make up 19.4% of the population.


The Economy of Paris is depended on the tourists. (