By: Andrew Amerson

Summary and Scene

In Heat Miguel needs to get a birth certificate in order to keep on playing Little League Baseball. And when a Mr. Gibbs (ACS New Yorkers For Children) is wanting to know about Miguel's father, Miguel has to lie and tell him that he could go to his house in 2 days and his father would be their. Miguels friend, Manny has an Uncle Timo just lounging about. At first Miguel thought it was impossible to get him to look like his father. But then when the time comes, Uncle Timo looked outstanding and looked just like his father. This was important in Heat because Miguel could be taken away from his brother Carlos and never see him again and never play Little League Baseball again.

Heat is about a boy named Miguel who has an outstanding arm for pitching. A really good one, too good. When Miguel starts to be questioned where his birth certificate is, they have to make him sit out of the games until he actually gets it. Will Miguel ever be able to play Little League Baseball, or will his dreams of going to the Little League World Series crash and burn?? Read more in Heat to find out Miguel's future.

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