My Life as a Quest

By: Chloe Carlson

The Past

My parents relationship has severely affected who i am today. I love both my parents very much, but their relationship is not how i dream of mine to be in the future. They are both very loving, caring, and providing; however, they argue and fight and have not set a very good example of the type of relationship i should want later in life. Their issues have had a negative impact on myself that makes it hard for me to trust people. With that being said, they have forced me to become a stronger and more independent person.

The Present

I've always had a profound love for animals growing up. Recently, i adopted a 7 week year old kitten; which affected me more than i had imagined. Her name is Miloh and although she has such a little heart, she has encouraged me to be a more loving and happy person. I still find it amazing that a creature with such a little heart can turn me into a better person.

The Future

Adopting Miloh has enabled me to appreciate the little things in life that come to me every day. She has taught me to take things day to day and thank God for all the good parts of my life. In the future i hope to find a career working with animals so i can always experience how she makes me feel. She has helped me find security in my future and has given me hope that i can have a happy future helping animals and the environment.