Places to visit in the west

By layla

Las Vages

In Las vages the population is 573,973. And it's located in Mojave Desert. Did you know that Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada? It's referred to as “ The entertainment capital of the world .” Millions of people travel to Las Vegas every year. It's incorporated as a city in 1911 . Did you know that over 120 thousands marriages were here every year ?

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Death Valley

Did you know Death valley is the lowest area of land and the driest place in the United States? People all over the world like to come here because its warm there. Death valley has cooler weather temperatures in Washington and Oregon.

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Hawaii has a lot of beaches that have black sand . The reason why they have black sand is because the Hawaiian Island were made from volcanoes . When water and lava mix it shatters.

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