2nd Partial

Emotions, verbs, clothes, food and technology.

They are happy playing on the beach.

Tamara is very stressed from working .

Sara this boring because not let her go to the party.
The teacher is upset writing exercise on the blackboard
They are very excited watching a movie.
The child is crying because his mother scolded.
They are very excited to start running in the marathon.
Karla is very excited waiting for her boyfriend.
She is anxious waiting for his family to arrive.
Sandra is shocked and crying happy surprise that gave her boyfriend.
She is singing with her friend.
Alejandra is reading a book.
They are playing football in the park.
Kenya is wrapping a gift for your mom.
She's cooking for her family.
Juan is being taught to swim.
They are playing bingo.
Jaime is learning to dance in couples.
Saul and Katia are watching a movie.
Luis you are writing a letter to his girlfriend.
She's wearing a red dress.
Sonia is modeling her blue dress on the catwalk.
She is sewing his pants.
Nataly is being measured her wedding dress.
Saul bought his wedding suit.
They work making shirts.
She is learning to cook clothes.
They carry bathing suits.
Rosy is taking steps to make a dress.
He's ironing his pants.
They are eating Chinese food.
She is cooking meat soup.
My aunt is preparing a fruit cocktail.
Gabriela is making orange juice.
They are making roast beef.
She is decorating the chocolate cake.
They are buying hamburgers for dinner.
He's preparing a pizza for the family.
She is preparing Mexican dishes.
They are eating seafood.
They are passing music from one phone to another.
She is buying a TV.
He's using his tablet.
Camila is playing with her ipad.
They are watching a movie on the computer.
Daniela and Paul are playing on the xbox.
Carlos and Samuel are doing with their skills playing psp.
Gael is fixing a computer.
Edgar is raffling off an iphone
The Smith family are playing on the xbox.