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Independent Learning

Encourage pupils to use the 5Bs

  • Brain
  • Book
  • Board
  • Buddy
  • Boss (teacher)

Make sure pupils don't forget their 4ps

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Planner
  • Paperback

Peer Assessment

Teach pupils to make it:






Try collecting in just 5 books after every lesson and marking them in detail.


Put questions inside balloons-pupils have to pop the balloon to find the question.

No Hands Up!

Trial a 'No hands up and no hiding' rule in your class.

Solo Taxonomy

Solo Taxonomy explained by David Didau in the 8 minute YouTube clip below. More of David's thinking and resources are here:
David Didau

Solo Stations

Plan differentiated activities around pupils' starting points:

Unistructural-I have one idea about this topic

Multistructural-I have several ideas about this topic

Relational-I can link these ideas

Extended abstract -I can look at linked ideas in a new way

Tutor Group Activities

Websites: 100 most common English word quiz Thinking skills activities-one for every day of the year!

Getting to know your tutees:

Get pupils to write their end of year/term report then review it with them alongside their actual one.

Get pupils to create their autobography in phtos complete with their ambitions.

Websites recommended by teachers on Twitter quick and easy to make your own games to support learning. Pupils can log on and complete for homework/revision. Download the app for iphone or ipad to create 30 second teaching clips VERY easily. Pupils can access these online without the need for the app. a number of free teaching tools including a hexagon creator for solo lessons. easily create word clouds for display, analysis, revision etc. create activities from any text.