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HAPPY NEW YEAR! January 2019!!

Happy New Year and welcome 2019!

I can't wait to see what fantastic opportunities 2019 will bring Butterfly School! I love our school and I love what we do here! I hope you feel the same!

We will soon begin our pre-enrollment for the 2019-20 school year. Pre-enrollment is reserved for all current Butterfly School students and their siblings. Information will be sent home with your child in early Februry and is due back no later than Feb 15. This is your opportunity to guarantee a spot for your child in our classes for the next school year. Should you choose to not participate in the pre-enrollment event, your child will not have a reserved class assignment for the next school year. This year especially there are sections with long wait lists. Don’t risk your child being at the end of the wait list, leverage your earned pre-enrollment opportunity!!

Open enrollment for the local community begins Tuesday February 19, at 9:00 in our gym. Please share this with your friends and family who might be interested.

...and now a word from Mr. Bob, RBS Safety Team Leader

Hello all and Happy New Year! Just want to say to all RBS parents what a splendid job you are doing as you enter and leave our parking lot. It took a while to get familiar with directional traffic but what an improvement over last year. Also I love the friendliness, consideration and respect I see you showing each other and to our Safety Team. After all it takes all of us working together to keep “our” children safe. Keep up the good work!

Bob Monroe

Safety Team Leader

If you are planning to order a video recording from our Christmas program, turn in your 15 dollars by Tuesday January 8 as this is the last day to order. The recordings should be in at the end of the month,


January 8- Money due for program recording.

January 31-RBS T-Shirt Day

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While mess making at home is typically not high on the priority list of most adults, children thrive and develop from hands-on, messy activities! Making cookie dough, play dough, or exploring on a cookie sheet with shaving cream are examples of activities that engage children's hands and hearts in fun and the overall child development process. Parents that provide their child at home with a wide-variety of kitchen tools such as rolling pins, spoons, mixing bowls, and measuring cups will build many essential developmental skills that are involved with required skills like pencil grasp and handwriting. Below are some of the essential skills your child will develop by engaging in marvelous, messy activities at home:

~Hand strength (mixing, scooping)

~Eye-hand coordination (pouring, placing, measuring)

~Forearm rotation (pouring)

~Bilateral coordination (spoon with mixing bowl)

~Sensory awareness (touch, sight, smell)


~Love of creating a special project

Be proactive in your child's development. Don't avoid messy experiences with your child at home, instead embrace and initiate them! Prepare yourself and the environment appropriately, so that you may interact with your children in a stress-free way. Plastic party table cloths are cheap and work well as protective table coverings and/or floor tarps to protect areas during these creative experiences. It makes clean up quick and easy! Create lots of marvelous mess-making memories while building essential hand skills and confident hearts in your young children!

Chapel Chat -Ms. Chris

Oh What a Special Night it was! The kids did an amazing job for their Christmas program! January's Memory Verse is Ephesians 6:1 "Children obey your parents" . Bible Stories this month will be how Noah obeyed God and the promise We see in a rainbow. We will be learning about Jonah and the big fish . Happy New year!!

Musical Moments -Ms.Deborah

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday break! I am excited about getting back into the swing of things in music class. The Pre-K classes will be hearing music from the Romantic period from Wagner and Tchaikovsky. They will see and explore the instruments clarinet and saxophone. As well as music theory reviewing music notes, tempo, and dynamics and beginning to learn to read and play rhythms with rhythm sticks. All of the other ages will have music based on a theme. January will be filled with songs about winter as we continue to practice keeping a beat to the music through instruments and dance. We are also working our way through the alphabet with musical things for each letter. Thank you for sharing your children with me! I enjoy watching them explore and learn new things about music.

Amazing Artists at Butterfly School! -Ms. Jennifer

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! We will start the new year learning about a new artists. Can’t wait to see your smiling faces.

Spanish! -Ms.Sandra

This January we will start off reviewing all the fun Spanish words we have already learned,We will then move on to learn los Números.

Movement Matters -Ms. Lisa

For the month of January we will be learning how to play Hopscotch. Hopscotch is a game that is played all around the world.It is great for children to learn to play because it teaches them how to balance, take turns and patience. A fun fact about Hopscotch is that it is one of the oldest playground games dating back to the Roman Empire.

Super Sign Language -Ms. Alison

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year. I can’t wait to see the kids again and talk all about the holiday. During the month of January we will be learning different signs for action words and start on our numbers. Of course every class time we practice what we have already learned, so I can’t wait to see what the kids have remembered over the break.

Sensational Science- Ms. Tracy

This month in science we’ll be learning about the absorption rate of several materials, surface tension by blowing bubbles in different liquids, and making ice cream in a jar. Fun in January!

Coding Kids- Ms Susan

I hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season. I am excited to get to see all of the smiling faces back in coding. This month we will be using our skills we learned before the break such as following directions, right, left, forward directions, and sequencing. We will take those skills and add problem solving and observation skills to get our Code-a-Pillares to get to a specific target. This skill is helpful in collecting data and making adjustments as needed to meet a specific goal. All of the skills we learn through coding help in all subjects such as reading, math, and science.

Riverside Butterfly School Teachers

These are the dedicated and enthusiastic educators that make RBS an absolutely outstanding school for our children! These professionals make a huge positive contribution to the lives of our students everyday. What an absolute blessing they are to our school and to our children.

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Our Butterfly School Teachers are...

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Riverside Butterfly School is a Riverside church ministry. Our school shares space with our church family. We would welcome you to join us for worship on Sundays at 10:15. Hope to see you here!

Pony Tail Club

Pink Heart Funds is a way to help children with hair loss during chemotherapy. Children are able to receive a wig, free of charge, if their family does not have the means to purchase one. You can find out more at the web site www.Pinkheartfunds.org. Pink Heart Funds is not associated with a similar organization; ‘ Locks of Love’. If you have any questions I am happy to visit with you. Peggy


Take a look at our Butterfly School Facebook page. Also look at our Riverside Church of Christ Butterfly School web site for more information on our amazing program.