The Classroom Connection

Mrs. Jefferson & Mrs. Nesbit

November 14, 2013

VIP Folders

Today's VIP Folder should contain:

  1. Graded papers
  2. Book Fair Info. - Our classes will go on Tuesday, 11/19/13.

Literacy & Social Studies w/ Mrs. Jefferson

Have you seen your child reading lately? Did they ask you to sign their reading log last week? What about today? As stated in last week's newsletter, your child should be reading a "just-right book" at home for 30 minutes everyday and then completing a reading log. If you haven't seen this reading log, please help me by asking your child about it. This log is due every Friday, and it requires your signature. Everyone who read for 150 minutes last week and turned in their signed log received an extra credit coupon to be used on an assignment of his or her choice! Let's work together to promote literacy on a daily basis!

This week we wrapped up research writing! I learned a lot about your kids as readers, writers and researchers through this process. One of the positive things I learned is they love to do their research online. They used online sources such as and Discovery Education and Brain pop videos. They were also very eager to verbally share their learning with me and their peers. I discovered that their least favorite way to research was reading informational books. We are definitely in the digital age of learning, and I will try to capitalize on this realization, but please encourage your child to read an informational book whenever possible. Through this process, I also learned that we will need to spend more time practicing taking notes and organizing it so that it's clear and logical for the person who's reading it. We will also continue to practice starting off with strong leads and ending with thoughtful conclusions. This will be a year-long process, and I'm looking forward to helping your child improve his or her writing at their level of understanding.

Currently, we are converting our essays into presentations. Ms. Rogers, our Technology Specialist, provided a wonderful lesson on how to use Google Drive to create Presentations, which are very similar to Powerpoints. Your child has his or her own Google email and password. Everything we do at school can now be pulled back up at home. Our goal is to finish these presentations in the next couple of days. Feel free to pull your child's account up at home. The pictures below show the students working on their presentations.

Social Studies
As we bring the immigration unit to an end, I'd like to bring a few things to your attention. On a daily basis, I review the concepts I taught on the day before and then I build upon those concepts with new information for the unit. So each day your child comes home, he or she will most likely have a few new notes and/or charts added to his or her US History composition notebook. Please ask your child to continuously review the old and new information with you or by themselves. There aren't any study cards to memorize, but there's lots of information in their journals for them to review and discuss with you. If they can effectively discuss the concepts with you, then you will know they understand it : ) Tentatively, the next social studies test will be administered on November 26th. Please make sure your child is prepared.

Math & Science w/ Mrs. Nesbit

Math: We are completing our study of double digit division in Chapter 4. Our study of Chapter 5 will begin soon. Our essential question will be: “How can I use place value and properties to add and subtract decimals?”

During our conferences, I told many of you about a packet I would be sending home to be used for extra practice in Multiplication and Division. I have given this out many times over the years and it appears to be helpful. If you would have your child complete one multiplication problem and one division problem each night, I know the extra practice will help. Not one from each page, but a total of 2 problems each night when convenient. I do not want these turned in, this is only for extra practice at home. I will email you on the day I hand it out.

Recall Tip 3: Play Kakooma

This is fun mental math game that can be played online or with paper and pencil. Kakooma challenges students to use multiplication to solve a series of difficult puzzles. The rules are easy: just find the one number in the diagram that is the product of two others. You can download a sample packet of Kakooma multiplication puzzles from Greg Tang’s Web site.

Science: Our Investigations in Science are continuing to work with Mixtures and Solutions. We will have two big investigations this week. The pictures included in this newsletter are from last week’s investigations.

The terminology used when the investigations are written in their Science notebooks is the same they will need to use for their Science Fair Projects, due after Christmas. Any time we have an investigation they are to have a Focus Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, Observation, and Conclusion.

Check out their notebooks, some are really catching on. I am so impressed.

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book orders and money are due on tomorrow. Please make checks payable to "Scholastic". Thanks for your support!

Have A Fantastic Day!