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Hernando Cortes's early life

Hernando Cortes was born in the year of 1485 in a town called Medellin Spain. He was born into a wealthy(to have a lot of money or to be rich) family and he lived in a manor house (a very large house). Hernando Cortes's parents wanted him to study law so he went to school for two years and then he got bored so he told his dad that he wanted to travel to the indies. In 1504 Hernando Cortes traveled to Hispaniola(a city found in 1325) and got his own land and became a sugar planter.Then he traveled to Cuba to accompany Diego Velasquez. While Hernando Cortes was in Cuba he married a girl named Catalina Xuarez.

New Spain

After the war between the Spaniards and the Aztecs Spain was demolished(destroyed). So Hernando Cortes decided to rebuild the destroyed city and that's when New Spain was built. King Charles made Hernando Cortes governor of New Spain.They started planting wheat, cotton and other crops and they also got sheep, cattle, pigs, chicken, and horses delivered from Europe. Hernando Cortes still wanted to travel and explore more places so he sent out expeditions to explore other parts of new Spain.

Hernando Cortes's later life

on December second 1547 Hernando Cortes died near Seville Spain from a sickness. He was buried in seville Spain. Since Hernando Cortes wanted to be buried in Mexico city they transported(moved) him ther and they buried him in a church in 1566. in the 1700's hernando Cortes's remains(what was left of his body) were transported several times.Some people said that they would dig up Hernando Cortes.

works sited

  • Hernán Cortés Monroy, with his coat of arms on the upper left corner. Painting reproduced in the book America

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