Discovery Education Updates 2018

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In case you didn't know, we all have Discovery Education accounts, and if you're not using yours you're missing out! I attended a training yesterday with Kristy Vincent, a Discovery Education teacher, and she opened my eyes to some new features of Discovery Education that are wonderful for teachers! I was impressed at how DE has improved their service to help teachers with finding resources and strategies to immediately integrate in the classroom.

Below are the top 3 things I discovered yesterday!

SOS - Spotlight On Strategies

Oh my goodness...a plethora of no nonsense strategies you can use with any subject in your teaching! I saw so many of them that I know you guys would love! An example of a quick and super easy one is AEIOU. Some teachers have this posted in their room to prompt students to reflect on just about anything you can think of. After learning students respond by writing, typing, saying, etc....

A = Adjective: List a word or two that describes something you saw or learned.

E = Emotion: Describe how a particular part of the segment made you feel.

I = Interesting: Write something you found interesting about the content/topic.

O = Oh!: Describe something that caused you say “Oh!”

U = Um?: Write a question about something you learned or want to learn more about.

To see OVER 100 of these great strategies, log into Discovery Education and follow the directions below. Each one will have a short explanation video and any resources you need right there!!!

Content Collections

Let's say I want to teach my class about volcanoes....Discovery Ed makes that so easy! I just search volcanoes, click the big orange "Content Collection" box in the middle of the screen, and voila! Resources about volcanoes including videos, sound clips, images, encyclopedia articles, etc are there for me to browse! I can then

--Filter the results to fit my need

--Look at a SOS (Spotlight On Strategy that might work well.

--View lesson starters.


The Streaming Screen

When you log in click the Streaming button on the left side menu and check out that screen. It brings some cool things into focus for you!

PS - If this screen isn't sort of personalized to you, then you might need to update your profile and tell DE what subjects you teach, etc.

Big image

Update your profile by clicking the person icon on the top right of the screen and choose "View Profile."

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