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November 6, 2021

Good Luck to Our Loveland Cross Country Teams at State!

100 Days as the Loveland Superintendent

Loveland Tiger Community,

It has been a whirlwind of activities in my first 100 days as the Superintendent of Loveland. I have enjoyed getting to meet so many of our Loveland students, staff, residents, business owners, and any other stakeholder to start to build the lasting relationships needed to move our already great district forward. What I have discovered is a district with a staff completely dedicated to our students and willing to go the extra mile when needed to provide an excellent educational experience for our kids.

The many activities I have attended have been an education into the pride our community has for our schools and everything we provide for our students. In attending Hall of Fame ceremonies, athletic events, musical events, academic events, and the many other events held my first 100 days, I have seen the passion for excellence this community has and the compassion for kids as well.

My first goal as superintendent at Loveland was to develop a communication action plan. I want to develop clear and transparent communication with our staff and community. The high level of engagement shown by our parents, businesses and the community needs to be enhanced as we all work together to develop what the future looks like for our students.

In closing, as we move forward as a district, it is important that our focus is always on students. We must focus on our students' academic as well as emotional needs and begin the conversation on what that looks like for Loveland. While the district has developed the Portrait of a Tiger, we must move forward and develop a more focused strategic plan that will encompass action steps all the while maintaining fiscal responsibility. I am excited to continue to build on relationships throughout this school year and continue to communicate in a timely, effective fashion. This monthly digital newsletter is one example of attempting to connect with our community and provide as much information as possible for not only our parents but our community as a whole. I’m excited to be a Tiger and I’m excited to continue to develop a strategic focus as to what it means to #beLOVEland!

Mike Broadwater,


Loveland City Schools

High School Students Become Teachers at the Middle School - check out this unique project!

Tigers Inc. Operation L.E.A.D. #beLOVEland

Treasurer’s Message

Greetings from the Treasurer’s office Team,

I am Robert Giuffre, serving the Loveland school district in an interim role as treasurer. Lindsey, Debbie, Melissa, and Kay form one of the most experienced teams with which I have had the privilege to work. They ensure the accuracy of information and efficiency of our processes while providing excellent customer service. They are a great source of Tiger Pride. The transition from one treasurer to another has been made seamless by the skills and experience of this treasurer’s office staff.

The direct contact information for the whole treasurer’s office team, including my own, is located on our webpage.

My work in the role of interim treasurer is to ensure that the day-to-day work is carried out, evaluate the operations of the office, and report to the Board and administrative team. When the time is right, the Board will be able to use this information in the search for our next permanent treasurer.

In the month of November, the current financial forecast for the district will be presented. This navigational tool allows us to compare recent history, view each month’s data, and see how we are trending going forward. The Forecast Presentation is open to the public and I invite you to attend on November 16th at 5:00 pm in the LIS/LMS Media Center, ahead of the Board Meeting.

Robert Giuffré,

Interim Treasurer,

Loveland City Schools

Marching Band Scores “Superior” Rating at State Competition

State Report Card Shows Accomplishments

Despite a shutdown in the spring of 2020 and an uncertain 2020-2021 school year, Loveland City School District saw tremendous academic growth with their students. The Ohio Department of Education’s fall 2021 report cards were released on October 14, and Loveland Schools once again performed well above the state average in all areas on the state tests.

The performance index measure, which rewards districts for improving the projected performance of all students, placed Loveland well above similar districts throughout the region and the state. As part of the continuous improvement cycle, all schools in the district are continuing to monitor and make adjustments in instruction to continue to advance student academic achievement and growth.

“The academic growth we saw in all of our students is a result of a coordinated effort between every LCSD staff member and our families. Loveland once again demonstrated its commitment to keeping students at the center of every conversation,” stated Andrea Conner, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

Costume Parade at LECC

116 New Members Inducted into National Honor Society at Loveland High School

students at National Honor Society Induction

More Loveland Schools Named “Best”

More of our Loveland City Schools were named “Best Schools” in recent US News and World Report rankings. Loveland Elementary, Loveland Intermediate, and Loveland Middle Schools were given awards, joining Loveland High School as some of the best in the nation. To read more, follow this link.

Did you know that 52% of our Loveland City School employees live right here in the district!

Loveland U Goes to School

This week, our district got a chance to host Loveland U - an interactive adult learning program where you will encounter an exclusive "look behind the scenes" of the Loveland community. Participants got to see a presentation by our amazing Loveland Robotics teams, eat a school lunch, and learn more about Loveland High School’s business program “Tigers Inc.” Loveland U is organized by the city of Loveland and helps teach participants more about some of the things that make our community special. Thank you to our students and staff for giving community members a look at some of the great work that happens every day.

Loveland Robotics Teams at Loveland U

Tigers Inc. Students at Loveland U

Life Changer of the Year

Loveland Elementary School (LES) Assistant Principal Jane Miller has been nominated as the “Lifechanger of the Year.” Jane has been in our district for about 12 years and has a passion for working with students with special needs. The Life Changer of the Year program recognizes K-12 educators and school employees who make a significant difference in the lives of students. Jane was nominated by several of her colleagues. Being selected as a winner comes with a cash award for Jane, and for the district. Follow this link to find out how you can support her as our Lifechanger.

Loveland Parents Support Schools in a Big Way

There are two Parent-Teacher groups that serve our Loveland City Schools. The Loveland Elementary Parent-Teacher Association (LEPTA) serves our students from PreK-4 and the Loveland Middle/Intermediate Parent-Teacher-Student Association (M/INT PTSA) is for parents in grades 5-8.

Both organizations had great success with recent fundraisers. LEPTA’s Walk-a-thon raised over $61,000! The Walk-a-thon gets kids involved in fun, healthy outdoor activities. This year was an overwhelming success, blowing past their fundraising goal of $40,000.

M/INT PTSA recently held a membership drive and signed up nearly 250 members. Everyone who joined was entered into a drawing for 4 tickets to the Bengals-Browns game. Anne-Marie Ireland, the parent of a Loveland Intermediate 6th grader was the big winner. M/INT raised $12,000 with the event.

The money raised by our parent-teacher associations goes to support our students and it’s a great way that our parents show their support for our schools. Thank you to all our PTA members!

Big picture

Dynamic Duo: Mary and Ashley Frees

We have an amazing mother and daughter duo who teach at Loveland Primary and Loveland Elementary, working with some of our most special Tiger students. Mary and Ashley Frees both work with students with special needs.

Mary is an intervention specialist at LES and has been teaching for 22 years. She got her start in teaching when her mom heard about a need for someone to teach Sunday school to adult men with Down Syndrome. “When I was in high school she signed me up and then dropped me off at the group home and wished me luck,” Mary said. She unexpectedly found her passion for students with special needs. “The joy in seeing my students with special needs learn something new or finally accomplish something they have worked on for weeks is so fulfilling,” Mary said.

Her daughter, Ashley, followed her into teaching. Ashley is in her 5th year teaching and after starting in Loveland working with high school students, she now teaches at Loveland Primary - not too far away from her mother. She didn’t initially plan to follow her mother’s example but found herself drawn to working with special needs students. “What got me into teaching was my work with Camp Stepping Stones throughout college and leading a disaster response team out West. I found that teaching was my passion,” Ashley said.

Thank you to the Frees family for your dedication to our Loveland community and your passion for working with students with special needs.

Big picture

Meet the Principal: David Knapp, Loveland Middle School

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My wife, Julie, and I have three girls (Joanna, 4, Elouise, 2, and Rosemary, 1 month) and two rescue dogs, Wallace and Sherman. Julie is a psychology professor at the University of Cincinnati. (Yes, some say she married me to serve as her lifelong research project.) We have lived in Loveland for 6 years now and Joanna is a Tiger Cub up at LECC in her first year of preschool. Our girls (and dogs) keep our household very active these days!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Middletown, Ohio and before sporting Tiger Orange, I got to sport Middie Purple. I love my hometown and all the amazing people in it. I have been lucky enough to serve Loveland City Schools since 2014. I served as the Director of Technology and Innovation from 2014-2020 and am in my second year as the proud principal of Loveland Middle.

Where did you go to college?

I attended Ohio University in beautiful Athens, Ohio where I earned my Bachelors's Degree in Integrated Science Education. I also have a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Nebraska and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Cincinnati.

What’s one thing you love about our Loveland City Schools community?

The pride that our community has in all things "Loveland" is pretty amazing. From the amazing people that make up this community to the beautiful parks, the river, the bike trail, our downtown, our history, etc., this town is all-around quite charming. As a community member, I know how much pride we all have in our city, and as a member of our school district staff, I can tell you that the same feeling of pride exists within our schools.

What’s one thing you love about your job?

Lots of things, but ultimately, the students are number one. I still remember my first day walking the halls at LHS as a new Loveland Tiger staff member. I could not believe how polite and kind our students were to this stranger with a Loveland badge on in their halls. The amazing kids we get to serve and be around every day truly make our schools special.

When you were in school, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I come from a family of educators so I always knew being a teacher and educator was where I was destined to be. My dad was a middle school principal most of his career, so it's been really neat for me to follow in his footsteps and learn the trade from him along the way.

Was there a teacher who inspired you to get into education?

Mr. Campbell, my 8th-grade science teacher was the coolest guy in the universe when I was in school (and he still is in my opinion). He made science so much fun and made me want to come to school every day. In addition to my family, he was such an influence for me to become an educator. I actually did my student teaching with Mr. Campbell and it was a really amazing experience.

Wear Your #beLOVEland Pride

Hopefully, you’ve noticed that we’ve been spreading the love with our #beLOVEland campaign on social media. It’s our effort to call out the relationships between our staff, students, and families that make our district a special place.

Lemons and Limes Boutique in downtown Loveland let us know they would be selling t-shirts and using the proceeds to benefit HOPE Squad, a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program. Follow this link to learn about how you can purchase a shirt. While this is not district-sponsored, we are happy to see our Tiger community working together to share the positive message.

Calendar of Board Meetings

The Loveland City School District Board of Education typically meets twice a month in the cafeteria at LMS/LIS cafeteria.

The next Board Work Session is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at 6 pm.

The next Board Business Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 16, 2021, at 6 pm.

Learn more about our Board by following this link to their webpage.

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