Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chloe & Priscilla enjoy a GREAT time in Las Vegas!

In The Car

We left frisco, tx to take a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. We aren't stopping at all. The Car we are bringing with us is a Tahoe, which it gets 17 miles per gallon. We are traveling a total of 1218 miles.

The Hotel

The hotel we are staying at is called Days Inn Las Vegas at Wild Wild West. The room we are staying in is a VIP room & it's 27$ per night, which would be a total of $292.88 for 6 nights. At the hotel there is a pool party almost every night. Here's a picture of us at the hotel, with the pool behind us.

Some of our activities

Most Exciting Activity We Did In Las Vegas Was ;

Our Helicopter Ride

This Helicopter picked us up at the hotel, so we didn't have to go far. We got a 15 minute Helicopter flight over the dazzling neon lights on the famous Las Vegas strip. After we got off the flight, we stayed for about 4 hours looking at the beautiful Las Vegas neon lights!

Finally Our Budget Breakdown!

For us just to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada we spent a total of $234.50 on gas. We stayed at Days Inn Las Vegas At Wild WIld West & stayed there for 6 nights, Which cost a total of $292.88. (for each night it was $27 for a VIP room) We has an amazing time with the activities we did like, we went on a helicopter tour, we met celebrities & went to a pool party at haze night club. All the activities we did costed a total of $282.90. The Restaurant we ate at for our breakfast, lunch & dinner was called Garden Court Buffet. Garden Court Buffet was really expensive but it was really good! Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for 7 days costed a total of $422.61, which wasn’t bad. Over all our total for our whole trip costed about $1232.89. We stayed under our budget.