A Day

By: Emily Dickinson

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Poem Paraphrase

Emily talks about the sunrise. She describes everything she sees using beautiful words and says that it must be the sun. It saddens her when she sees the sunset because it means the day's over, but she's excited for the next day.



The big idea of the poem is about the sun rising and how today is going to be a new day. She's saying that today is going to be a good day. It's all about the sun to her. If the sun is up and shinning, it's definitely going to be a great day. When the sun goes down it's disappointing because the day is over, but tomorrow is just beginning.

Poetic Elements

Emily uses a lot of metaphors but some of the phrases she uses are things she sees in her everyday life. This poem had a very "happy" tone to it. She describes everything with a happy and beautiful perspective. It's like nothing could ruin what she is seeing because it's just so perfect in her eyes.

My Personal Reaction

I thought this poem was amazing! It was so beautiful and well written. If gives me such a happy view of life. It makes me want to live life to the fullest and to not worry about anything. Emily is such a good writer! I recommend reading this poem and more of her others! You will not be disappointed. She gives you a very happy perspective.
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