Google Blogger Accounts!

Google accounts (teacher & students) come with Blogger!

Google blogger!

Try blogger for personal and professional blogging. The directions below are for students, but they are basically the same for teachers.

Click here for how-to help with blogger.

Quick Start Directions:

  • You will need to be logged into your school-provided Google student (or teacher) account.
  • Search for ""
  • It will probably ask you to re-enter your Google password. Do that.
  • It will then give you a choice between a Google+ Profile or a Blogger profile. Choose the Blogger Profile. (Create a limited Blogger profile.)
  • The next screen will have title, address, template, and CREATE BLOG! Make school-appropriate choices for the title and address. It may take a few different tries on the address to get one that isn't already taken.
  • The next pop up will be "domain name" and you should click on NO THANKS.
  • Then click, NEW BLOG and you should get to a dashboard.
  • Click on the NEW POST on the top left and start writing your entries!
  • You can play with how it all looks later, but it is a good idea to get all of your posts in there first.

Teacher vs. Student Blogs

Teacher blogs can be great forums to communicate and discuss topics with students. Students can easily respond to a post and to each other's comments.

Student blogs are also great places for students to authentically publish their writing to a larger audience. They can give each other feedback, and they can share their blog link with parents, too.

Video Describing Teacher Organizing Student Blogs

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