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Kerala has a great culture that has been contributed by the people and different races. The history of Kerala can tell about the process of culture synthesis. Throughout the ages, Kerala has proved that it can respond to any challenges through its adaptation and combination of old traditions.

Even though Kerala is a small strip of land in terms of geographic location, it is possible for one to find a huge number of different parts of cultural heritage. The culture of Kerala can be seen from the arts, cuisines and dance forms of Kerala.


The music of Kerala has a long and rich history. Kerala has a rich tradition in Carnatic music. Songs formed a major part of early Malayalam literature, which traces its origin to the 9th century. The significance of music in the Culture of Kerala can be established just by the fact that in Malayalam language, musical poetry was developed long before prose. With the development of music in the region, different branches were formed out of it. The most basic branches are classical music which is primarily Carnatic music oriented, and popular music which includes film songs and album songs. Then there is music like chenda melam which is quite popular and many other kinds of popular music styles like Kathakali music, Mapilla pattu, Ottamthulal songs, Pulluvan pattu etc..


Kerala is rich in many dance forms which are highly developed. The music and costumes used in these dance forms reflect the mood of the people. They are also connected to religion and this can be seen in most of the folk dances such as those performed in connection with the harvest festival etc.

There are around 50 popular folk dances in Kerala. Some of them include Thullal, Thiruvathirakali, Mohiniyattom, Koothu, Kathakali etc... Here are some:



Kerala Festivals are unique of its kind with full of colors. They unfold the rich and varied culture of the God's Own Country by combining mirth and joy. People of Kerala are known for simplicity and inherent religious nature. Kerala is actually the land of festivals where as some appears to have adopted from the cultures of other states. Kerala has brilliantly transformed the customs and then developed a unique and special flavor of Kerala.

most popular festivals are Onam,Vishu,Thrissur puram and many more.


The cuisine of Kerala is linked in all its richness to the history, geography,demography and culture of the land. Kerala cuisine has a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and red meat.