Come to our Event!

Hosted by the Charity 100 Percent!

You won't wanna miss out on this one!

100 percent will gather up all the young adults that are almost at age to go to college to come to our event called "100 Percent Capable." We will take a bus ride to Boston MA so that we can go to Harvard for this event. Don't forget, parents are welcome too. We plan to have live music and provide a barbecue dinner for about 200 people (we will have things like ribs, brisket, rolls, corn, mashed potatoes, chips, soda, and an ice-cream truck will come) Speakers will come and talk to the students about their inspiring life stories and why college is important. There will also be things like live music and an inspiring game for the people to play.

100 Percent Capable.

Thursday, May 26th, 9pm

1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA (Harvard Plaza Tent)

What is this event all about?

This event is all about inspiring people to pursue their dreams and know that they re capable of doing whatever they want. We also plan to remind everyone how significant college is. Oh, and you can't forget that we want everyone to have fun too.

Who are we?

We are 100 percent; an organization that brightens peoples futures and tutors kids that aren't able to afford it. We strive to make everyone the very best they can be.

Why are we hosting this event?

We are hosting this event to encourage young adults to go to college. We want people to know that college is for everyone, and that they are able to accomplish their goals. So we are planning on hosting this event to open up their eyes to the importance of an education and what it can do for them.


5:00- just hang out and let everyone arrive.
6:00-Speakers come in and share their stories.
7:00- Play the inspiring game.
8:45- live music
9:30- closing and everyone goes home.