Shawn's Hotdogs

These amazing hot dogs will put you in terra incognita

Our shop sells the best hotdogs in town!

Our amazing secret recipe makes these hotdogs supersede the competition and you won't have to go through ratiocination to know that Shawn's hot dogs will have to condescend very far to be anywhere near the inanimate flavor in everyone elses hot dogs. But don't forget Bailey's secret sauce that will make mutatis mutandis to your hot dogs that aren't as amazing as Shawn's hot dogs. You will have pathetic fallacy to our absolutely amazing hot dogs and sauce. But if you come in and buy a hot dog in the next few days you might just get a free bottle of Bailey's secret sauce for free! This sauce is so good you will fall in love with it. If someone sees you walking down the street while eating one of shawn's hot dogs or holding a bottle of Bailey's secret sauce, they will think you are the coolest person on the block! These hot dogs are so good George washington time traveled into the future just to have them and he loves them.

Our customer service is as good as our hot dogs!

We are very obsequious and not like those other hot dog vendors. Are you tired of hot dog vendors coming at you with epigrams and obiter dictum. How about their obnoxious retorts and your attempts of staying sedate while they sell their horrible hot dogs and abase their prices to make you try and buy their products. If our customer service was that bad nihilism would break out. Here at Shawn's hot dogs we do none of that, there is a interstice in our company for that kind of customer service.

So come eat at Shawn's hot dogs!!

These amazing hot dogs will put you in terra incognita !!!!

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