Community In The Classroom

Per current classroom behaviors

Dear Fusion Classroom Parents,

Having just attended our Fusion Parent's Night and/or already being an enrolled family at The Learning Cottage. I know all of our wonderful families are aware of the emphasis placed on the sense of community in the classroom. At The Learning Cottage this is defined as being a kind and respectful person to yourself, your peers, your classroom and your classroom teachers. This is demonstrated through actions such as, but not limited to, kind words, gentle & helpful hands, following general classroom rules, taking care of the items in the classroom and taking responsibility for your actions.

In the last two weeks we have, unfortunately, seen numerous students displaying hurtful and unkind behaviors to, both, their teachers and their peers. Children at The Learning Cottage are encouraged to express their feelings, use words to get help as needed, take a rest when feeling as though they need 'space' and help to 'fix' situations in which their actions have caused a child or staff member to be upset or hurt. Teachers are asked to ensure clear communications with children, help find the right words to resolve conflicts and help to 'talk out' feelings and ways to better those types of situations.

Every morning we make a pledge to be a kind person for the day- displaying a sense of community to ensure a loving and peaceful place to learn, play & grow. We would like to kindly ask that you review this Kindness Pledge at home with your children this week- before bed, at the dinner table, or at family game night!? :) to reiterate it's meaning and the importance of helping to create a loving and peaceful place for them to play with their peers. We can do this with our children a few ways; by simply reading it and asking them what they think it means and how to be a kind friend and student, by asking your child to read it with you then draw and discuss a picture a of what being a kind friend and student looks like, by sitting down with your child and asking them to make a list of classroom rules with you after reading the kindness pledge or even simply drawing different facial expressions on pieces of paper and discussing each. Ask them, "How can we make sure our school is a happy place to learn".

Below is The Kindness Pledge. We will continue to reiterate it's meaning, here, in the classroom also . Please read it, share it, know it and love it <3.

We appreciate all of your support!

Kind Regards,

Aimee Muldoon, Ashley Cabe-Yerkovich & The Fusion Teaching Team

The Kindness Pledge

I pledge to myself, on this day,

to try to be kind in every way.

To every living thing, big and small.

I will help them, one and all!

When I love myself, and others too,

that is the BEST that I can do!