Innovate Life Coaching

April Newsletter

Living Intentionally

Welcome to the Innovate Life Coaching April Newsletter. I have just come back from Paris, where Spring was definitely in the air. Isn't this just the very best time of year to generate new ideas, new goals and new projects. So if you are looking for some life clarity, a new goal, a plan- I challenge you this month to make it something BIG, something BRIGHT and something MEANINGFUL. Let's use April to pledge an audacious goal, something that will spark a revolution in our lives and challenge us to live to our very fullest potential. Let's not wait for destiny to shape what we want to do- April is for living intentionally. So set your intention and plan to "Make It Happen". My April Project is all about finding your Spring Flow

Invest in Yourself- Join me in September

I am delighted to announce my very first Coaching Retreat in Moraira, Spain for 7 days, the week beginning the 13th September 2014. Imagine a relaxing place in the sun where you can plan your next BIG steps, your next juicy goals or simply take the time to focus on your health and wellbeing. Do you need some time in your life to think about where you are and where you want to be? This is time out to explore YOUR new possibilities and a different future through coaching conversations. Set goals to change your life and to change the world!