Queensland, Australia

Alex Amaya


Josh and I will be traveling from Denver, to Queensland, Australia. The gold coast, mate!

We will be flying for 18 hours! that's a long time! for both Josh and I it will cost $4,350.76

we will take snacks with us from home, so we wont spend any money on airport food.

Where to Stay

we will be staying at the 5 star hotel, Hilton surfers paradise residence for 6 days, adding up to 1,374 dollars.

Hilton surfers paradise is really paradise, its located in the gold coast of Queensland and is only a few blocks away from the beach. it has a variety of shopping centers, 5 star resturants and much more! the Surfers paradise is loaded with relaxation and fun, with a spa located in the hotel you can pamper yourself, but you can also have some fun in the sun at the beach when you go surfing. Hilton surfers paradise is really a great convenience and lots of fun.


Australia is known for its amazing waves and great surfing, first we'll hit the beach. we're going to be in Australia from july 14 to july 20th, july and august are some of the best months to go surfing.

we will also be going to jet pack adventure on the gold coast.


a problem I might face is not having enough money, so I will take extra money.



About the Traveler

im Alex, and