by Lauren Eastman pd 8

Teens and Alchohol

Of all the people in the world,teens had to be the source of our problems. Sometimes feel like there the enemy to them self the, the only cure to them is drinking. Teens are just pressured because they see either there friends doing it or a family member doing it, so It causes them to fell like they don't know what to do.

I don't think teens realize,is that when they drink things are happening inside there body and we don't know it.There body starts to quit on you and your brain loses control,your blood pressure and heart rate goes up. It messes with your judgement and coordination skills.It can damage your digestive system. But your nervous system is most effected when drinking.

Teens know the risks,and yet they still don it anyway,But others don't drink or stops drinking, and they are the smart ones,I am I right?

There are many risks and prices to drinking like diseases,injuries from accidents,and even death.

Since the 1990's,there was a dramatic reductions is trying cigarettes in the percent smoke and drink daily, and the data shows 11% decrease of people in the past two years have quit drinking and smoking. 15.7% of the current smokers in 30 days, and at the peak in 1997,36.4% of teens WERE smokers.

Teens drinking can have an effect on many other people.

Teenage Drinking - Facts and Fiction


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