Fashion 101


Hey! My name is Bella Vollrath and I'm 13. I'm making this fashion blog for Miss fisher's Fashion 101 class.

Converse make a comeback?!

In the past year or two, I've noticed that many people are buying the shoe of the 1920's, Converse. Converse have made a dramatic comeback since about 2014-2015, and they are still selling like crazy!

Sketching and design

Many new fashion designers are starting producing more and more clothes! Through sketching and design several new fashion designers are able to send their ideas to companies and get credit for it! Not only that, but many designers that are new to the world of fashion are selling they're new clothes in places like Walmart and Target.

Sewing construction

These cute pillows require almost no sewing! To make these pillows simply cut strips in the outer parts of the fabric. If u want to add emblems or decorations, sew these now. Next, tie two strips of fabric together, but leave a small hole in the pillow to stuff the pillow. Last, tie off the hole and you've got a cute new pillow!

Interior design

Lately, many new home owners have been going with an interesting house design called "shabby chic" which getting furniture and decorations that are unique to you, they don't even have to match!

Advertising and Marketing

To make the perfect advertisement you'll need the following: an endorsement, a slogan or jingle, creative name for the product, reviews from locals or people who regularly buy the product, and a description of the product

Styling and Personal Image

Styling: Just wear what you want to and what you like, it doesn't need to be what's in style, you don't need to go out and buy the newest $500 Kate Spade bag.

Personal Image: Don't let anyone tell you what the "perfect body" is because there is no such thing as perfect. "Real people aren't perfect, and perfect people aren't real."

Set Goals: If you need to, set some small goals that you can easily accomplish. For example, one of your goals could be to clean your room or go for a 10 minute run or something like that.