Taking the Toronto Transit

Regular fare vs the popular Presto Pass

Regular Fare Vs Presto

Regular fare for the Toronto Transit is 3$

With the Presto pass it is an initial value of $6 and $2.50 for every bus (2h transfer)

Regular fare: Y= 3x

Presto: Y= 2.5X+6

The Variables

The independent variable or x-axis would be #of bus rides (assuming that you take the bus once a day)

The dependent variable or y-axis would be the total cost ($)

Below is a table of values of up to 5 days of data

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The point of intersection

Fare: Y=3x or 0=3x-y

Presto: Y=2.5X+6 or 0=25x-10y+60






Therefore the point of intersection is (12,36)

Below the red line represents the Presto and Blue line represents regular fare

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Why this graph is important to Toronto

Currently, not all TTC buses have the presto pay option. They're implementing this system right now. This graph will tell citizens of Toronto who take the bus, if they should invest in presto and save some money or just pay the regular fee


Toronto citizens should use presto if they are going to use it for a long period of time or if they ride more than 12 buses. (x > 12)

Toronto citizens should not use the presto, and pay regular fare if they intend to take the bus for a short period of time or if they ride less than 12 buses. (x < 12)