English and French Settlers

Charlee and Ashlyne

English and French settlers

a. Blamed town was settled by :

Virginia colony for religious practice in 1607-1699 in northern Virginia.

b. Pilgrims were travelers of the U.S. They were from all over the country especially Spain an England they left for religious practice reasons. Also they settled everywhere or wherever there was no certain religion.

c. Puritans were religious seekers that searched for a place for private practice of there own religion they left there country where they were forced to believe what they didn't and they were settled in north eastern us so Massachusetts .

d. Samuel de Champlain was from , heirs brogue France , but he settled in Quebec known as new France back then .

e. The French and Indian war was over land the people that fought was a mixture of English settlers native Americans and the French and the French nor did the Indians win I was the British .


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