Myths and legends of the Greeks

By Owen Wurst

About this book

This book is full of short stories that tell about the heroic acts and tales of Greek folklore. This book contains a total of 26 different tales each containing irony and adventure.

In this report

In this report I will talk about a couple of my favorite short stories and also Gods that are present.

Greek Gods


The Golden Touch

In this short tale Midas is granted the power to turn anything into gold. Without the ability to control it, Midas can not eat. Midas is later cured, and ventures into the forest were he meets Pan the god of the wild. He praises Pan, and boasts that his jolly music is better than Apollo's himself. In anger Apollo gives Midas the ears of a donkey

The Golden Fleece

In this heroic tale we encounter Jason whom must pass tests to gain his rightful seat at the throne, set by the temporary king Pelias, his uncle. Pelias is certain that Jason will not succeed and die trying. With the help of the gods, Jason is able to pass crushing islands, rowing rivers, fire breathing bulls, plow the field of Mars, and deadly dragons. As a reward he is given the Fleece of an Golden Ram and the kingdom.

Proserpine and Pluto

In this Godly story Pluto is shot in the heart with an arrow by Cupid, god of love. Making him fall in love with the first person he sees which happens to be Proserpine daughter of the Goddess of the Harvest. In obsession, Pluto snatches her and drags her to the underworld. Before he is forced to let her go by Zeus, he tricks his bride into eating 6 magical pomegranate seeds. Which in turn forces her to return six months of the year. During this time her mother griefs, thus you have Winter.
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