Sailboat Life

Need a Sailboat? Say no more.

Sailboat Information

The biggest sailboats are at least under 140 feet (42 m) long. Sailboat Life sells boats that are about 13 feet or less. Price depends on the size of the sailboat, but to make it fair, the prices of the sailboats are less than 7 hedj.

Sailboat Uses

Our wooden sailboats have sailed down the protected waters of the Nile for more than 5,000 years. Our sailboats are also used for carrying goods from one place to another. Sails on our boats help travel with the wind down the Nile, which usually came from the North. Otherwise, you have to use paddles or long poles to move the boat forward.

Our Team

We have a fine Team at Sailboat Life. Our Team has great service while you buy your own Sailboat. Everyday, we get happier each time hedj goes into our tip jar. Any amount of currency supports not only us, but the whole Egypt community. We give good service to every Egyptian!

Why Should You Use Sailboats From Sailboat Life?

Most people walk in the red sands instead of using sailboats for faster transportation. They walk towards long distances if they want to get from one place to another. This business would benefit the Egyptians because they would use less energy when using a sailboat down the Nile. To preserve energy for EVERY Egyptian, Me, Michael A, have founded a boat store for transportation down the Nile named Sailboat Life!



This establishment accepts everyone, 10 years and older. Under 10 years of age will need to be with a guardian or an adult when using a boat. Otherwise, they can use a sailboat by themselves.

Hours of Operation:

Mon. through Sat., 7:00AM to 5:30PM

Closed every Sunday.


Just about a mile away from New Kingdom Hotel, which is

right next to the Nile in Cairo.

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Go Farther with Sailboat Life.

By Michael Adao