May Board Report

Logan-Rogersville Middle School

8th Grade Civil War Day

The 8th grade teachers collaborated and planned an interdisciplinary unit on the Civil War. 8th grade teachers spent several days this spring intertwining the Civil War into their classroom. The entire 8th grade class was involved in the project in some capacity.

Along with the projects students completed in class, there were also several presenters that spoke to the students. The students rotated through eight different stations listening and interacting with the presenters. The stations consisted of the following presenters:

Bill Green- Local historian and blacksmith

Charles Dischinger- Wilson's Creek reenactor

Backyard Players- Christian Co. group performing musical pieces from the era

Mrs. Breshears- Wilson's Creek reenactor who discussed medical procedures

Coach Ramsey- Stations in which students participated in activities from the era

Father Moses Berry- African American Heritage and the Underground Railroad

Mrs. Rothrock/Flatness/Boyer- Stations where students tried on Civil War uniforms

Teachers also dressed in costumes from the Civil War era. All 8th grade students received t-shirts paid for by local sponsors to commemorate the event.

7th Grade Life Skills Activity

On Wednesday, May 3rd, the 7th grade students participated in a Life Skills activity. The event consisted of the students rotating through three different activities. One of the events students participated in was an online interactive job research tool. Students also heard from guest speaker, Nelson Kibby with the Springfield Police Department. Officer Kibby spoke with the students about making choices and how the choices they make can impact them for the rest of their life.

The third activity the students participated in was a "Reality Store". Students were given a future scenario of monthly salary, highest level of education received, and number of children. Students then visited different booths and purchased necessary items for their family, such as housing, groceries, and vehicles. Students also had to pay taxes, get insurance for the size of home they purchase and number of vehicles they own. They also had to pay for child care for the number of children they have. If they could not afford all of the necessary needs within their monthly salary, students then had the option for signing up for a second job to make ends meet.

We were extremely fortunate to have members from the community volunteer their time to assist with the activities. The community members were volunteers from various industries and they were able to provide the students with advice and input as they completed the activity.