Prove the Genre of Bad Magic

By Reilly Rakestraw

The Genre of Bad Magic is fiction

I can prove that Bad Magic is fiction by giving examples from the text. An example of fiction from the text is, "He spit a big loogie onto the mirror. The graffiti started to disappear as soon as the saliva touched it, the saliva was sizzling as if it were boiling hot."

Some more examples of fiction in Bad Magic are

""All we know is, somebody died there, " said Kwan. "In the eruption? Who-Price?" "A girl," said Jonah. "And now the ruins are haunted.""and ""One said her hair was on fire; another that her hair was red with blood.""

Some final examples of fiction in Bad Magic are

"The lava felt hot, painfully hot. Girding himself, he started walking. Amazingly, the lava seemed to be cool beneath his feet."and "Only books. They floated in the air, some gently swaying, some flapping like birds."