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When you visit a newspaper office and get to know about the sky-rocketing rates of classified ads you often get disheartened. This is nothing unique that happens to you but it is a regular story of all the people who seek an ad space in the newspaper. The situation is aggravated in the cases where the newspaper has wide reader base and circulation on a daily basis.

So, broadly, the rates of a newspaper ad column depend on the following parameters:

· Circulation: Circulation is a game-changer in the world of newspaper advertising. Thus, if you want to place an ad in any paper that has a big circulation zone, then accept the fact that you will require an outsize budget for the same.

·Readership: A popular daily ought to have high prices as more and more people rush to place ads in such a journal. Thus, newspaper ad rates are high for better-known papers.

·Editions: There are many national and regional dailies that have different editions apart from the one regular spreadsheet. It is thus preferable to choose an edition of the most sought-after paper as it will narrow down the audience to your target as well as will be light on your pocket.

Though there are innumerable types of ads, when it comes to other media channels. if we consider ads for newspapers in particular, there are three basic types under which the ads for a newspaper are categorized.

Following are the same:

· Classified Text Ads

· Classified Display Ads

· Display Ads

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