Highlights of the First Semester

Megan Wells-Fall 2015 December 10 2015

Trip to A&M

Most high school students don't understand the importance of college. Over half of the kids in high school have never visited a college campus. High school students don't understand that everything you do in high school will be looked at on college applications. I didn't understand how the whole college thing worked until we got the opportunity to take a campus tour to A&M. This trip helped open my eyes to colleges. I really enjoyed learning about all the traditions and what A&M offers.


Since I received the sacrament of confirmation this november, I am seen as an adult in the church. I am now fully initiated into the catholic church. Because I got confirmed I have a lot more responsibilities including making important decisions. I am now accountable for my choices, such as going to mass every Sunday. I am now expected to live out our teachings and beliefs each and every day. I am also suppose to live as and be a good example of our faith.

Getting my Liscense

1. Register and get paperwork

2. study for 6 hours in a minimum of 16 days

3. Take permit test (if you pass)

4. Practice driving with a legal adult while you finish studying the rest of the course

5. Take the online Texas Teen Drivers course print certificate of completion

6. Make driving test appointment

7. Sign and get papers notarized

8. Take the driving test (if you pass)

9. Get drivers license