Shishapangma Tours

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Mountain Infomation

Pronunciation: shish-a-pang-ma

Elevation: 26,298 ft.

8,013 m.

Rank in Height: 14

Location: Tibet, China, (Asia)

Death Rate: 13% chance of Death, 83% chance of Success

We are an expert climbing company and will make sure you stay alive. If you are trusting your life with ours we are trusting our lives with yours. We also offer lower costing rates then the other competition.

  • All equipment you need will be included
  • Cost is $25,000-$50,000
  • You will have fun (most of the way)

Fun Facts

In 1980 Michl Dacher, Wolfgang Schaffert, Gunter Sturm, Fritz Zintl, Sigi Hupfauer and Manfred Sturm were the first 6 people to climb the mountain.

shishapangma is also called she-sha by the natives. shishapangma means "The Holy Place" and "The place of Saint".

This is the route we would take up the mountain:

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